Monday, February 16, 2009

Tony Rocks!

This morning, after George and his camera crew came out to scout around Echo Hill Ranch, for an upcoming photo shoot, for the book jacket, of Kinky's newest book—'Kinky Friedman's Celebrity Pet Files.' Tony and I began packing for Carol's and our Tuesday—Wednesday Vacation! Talk about excited—we started really getting excited after Buttermilk, Tony and I went to Kerrville to pick up our Rent-a-SUV! The minute that I saw it, I immediately named it Silver!

After signing a few forms, I gave them my credit card, and Silver was now ours for three days and totally free—I love credit cards! After handing over Silver's reins (keys) to Tony, T. and I played Paper or Scissors, out in the parking lot, to see who would get to take Silver back to our rescue ranch! Tone won. He was a rock and I was scissors. I guess you could say—Tony Rocks!

When we arrived back at the ranch, T. was all excited! "Nance! Silver has Sirius radio with Alpine speakers! And, I loved the way that he handled on the road!" Tony and I then started packing! First, the ice chest, and then we went down to the barn, so Tony could grab some of his many fishing rods, tackle, etc. "Tony, do you know where my pink fishing rod is?" I asked. "I'll fish, if you will bait my hook, and release my fish for me?

Tony laughed, "Nance, it is over there in that bucket, by the chop saw. I don't know why you can't bait your own hooks and release the fish? A lot of women bait and release their own fish. I know Carol does."

The thought of actually baiting something live to a fish hook, and removing a hook from some poor unlucky fish's mouth—made me sick and gave me goose bumps. "Never mind, Tony—I won't fish," I sulked, hoping that Tony would catch my bait—and he did! Thank goodness!

"Nancy, I'll bait your hook and release whatever you catch," Tone promised. I was so happy! "Nance, you're not planning on doing a lot of fishing down there—are you?"

"Oh no Tony, I'm not," I said. "I just want to do one cast—and get a picture of me holding the rod and reel, that's all, so I can blog about fishing with you, Rick, Leisa, Pete and Kelly, and John. You know that I hate fishing. I'm planning on doing some serious writing on the porch, while y'all fish." Tony then perked up for some reason.

Y'all would absolutely laugh your heads off, if you saw how much stuff that Tony and I are taking for our overnight excursion! We're talkin' two, big overstuffed duffel bags filled with clothes, three cameras, my laptop, our portable Bose, our four iPods, five rods and reels, my three mile walking DVD, a big ice chest filled with water, spirits and some Miles of Chocolate, cheese and crackers, Tony's Garmin GPS, cowboy boots and Crocs! And yes, I will be wearing my pink Justin Gypsy ropers! I sure hope that Carol isn't bringing a lot, because we might sink the boat, before we get to that island with the lighthouse!

Y'all have a great evening—I still have a lot more packing to do! Hi-O Silver!

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