Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Herd!

Today has been great and very busy. Rio was Harley's Pet of the Week. He is a Lab mix, is only two-years-old and he is a super dog. He came to us because his owner had passed away.

This morning after Tony and I did our morning chores outside Robert came over to trim Maya's hooves. My horse, that Carol gave to me over a year ago, is such a sweet horse. When Robert trimmed her hooves he was amazed how easily Maya was to work with. Here's a picture I took of Tony putting on Maya's halter and the herd grazing, just before Robert arrived.

After we ate lunch, we went to the H-E-B, in Kerrville, to buy groceries, because tomorrow afternoon we are having a picnic lunch with Brandon and his family, in The Okay Corral. 

Brandon graduates from high school tomorrow night and his parents and family have driven in, from Alabama and Arizona, to attend his graduation and to celebrate it with him. Tony and I cannot wait to meet his family, because if they are anything like Brandon—we're going to love them. 

Late this afternoon, Kinky invited me to come over for a visit and it was a lot of fun. We sat in the rockers, on his back porch, talking about Sophie's new summer clip and how pretty she looked. His trip to Arkansas tomorrow, the weather and about Tony needing to give Kinky a wake up call at 5:45 tomorrow morning, just to make sure he was up. 

While he filled his Hummingbird feeders, in the kitchen, we laughed about Kinky's herd of Hummingbirds (I know it is a flock) being five times bigger than Tony's herd, in The Okay Corral. And that is about it for tonight, because this evening we are going to attend Elle's and our nephew, Zac's 8th grade graduation, in Medina.

Y'all have a great evening!

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