Friday, May 31, 2013

Congratulations Brandon!

Today has been really great. This morning when Kris and Jim and our super volunteers came out to walk our dogs they had an envelope to give to me. "Please give this to Brandon for graduating. We are so proud of him. Here's a copy of the Kerrville Daily Times with his graduation picture in it," They said.

"He and his family are coming out for a picnic lunch in just a little while," I said. "I will be sure he gets this graduation present and his mom gets the newspaper..."

A little later on, while Tony was outside showing Kris and Jim his garden, I had just started making bacon wrapped bananas appetizers—Brandon called. "They're here. Is it okay for us to come on out?"

As soon as Brandon and I had adios-ed each other, I skipped outside to the garden. "Brandon just called and they will be here in five minutes! Why don't y'all stay, so you can meet his family and give him your gift?"

Four minutes later, the four of us greeted Brandon and his beautiful family: Lynn, Wayne, his sister Emily and her cute baby, Grayson. Brandon loved Kris and Jim's present and Lynn was thrilled to get the newspaper. After a short visit next to the pigpen, Kris and Jim adios-ed us, so they could go eat lunch with the volunteers, at the Koyote Ranch Grill.

When Tony and them went into The Okay Corral, so Tony could light the grill, I came back to The Cabin to finish wrapping the bananas. When I opened the front door Mama came running outside nearly knocking me down. And, when I walked inside our trailer I knew why Mama had skedaddled.

Mama had gotten up on the counter and helped herself to a 1/2 pound of raw bacon. An uncooked bacon wrapped banana slice was on the floor half-eaten. I guess because she doesn't like bananas or she could not remove the two toothpicks. Then everyone walked inside The Cabin, because Brandon could not wait to show them our home.

After giving them a quick tour of our trailer, which they said they loved, I said, while pulling out another package of bacon, from the fridge, "Brandon, Mama ate the appetizers and a 1/2 pound of bacon. Could you help me make up some new ones?"

"Sure. Let me wash my hands first." And that's when our graduation party began.

Our picnic was so much fun today. Tony and I love Brandon's family so much that tonight we are going to sit together, at Brandon's Class of 2013 Medina High School graduation. And tonight I am hoping that I don't cry with joy, when I see Brandon receiving his diploma. And that is about it for tonight, because I need to go get ready for the graduation ceremony. We love you, Brandon and we are so thrilled for you! (Uh-oh, I am starting to tear up now as I finish writing this.)

Y'all have a great evening!


Unknown said...

I must say this has been a memorable day for us here. We loved the down home feel this ranch gave us along with our wonderful host. We are thankful through Brandon we have meet you Nancy and Tony. Ya'll are doing a great job there. I was so surprised at the surrounding's.{Just beautiful!} The animals seemed happy. I even think mama was happy to have our baby for the day lol. Thank you and Tony once again.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Lynn. Tony and I really enjoyed meeting y'all and having a fun visit. We love y'all and your son Brandon. I am glad that y'all made it back home safely. Your son rocks!