Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm A Winner!

I won all three bets with Tony! Those little green dots that I saw yesterday—were sprouts, and this morning proved it! Yeah! This is a great way to start out the new year! Here's a picture that I took this morning of a sprout!

After winning my bets, Tony asked me to come look at this beautiful bird on one of our feeders. Neither he or I know what kind of bird it is. So, will someone let me know? Here it is sharing the feeder with a sparrow and another with a cardinal.


Anonymous said...

wo hooo! i'm mailing you five bucks

cousin nancy said...

Laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

What a baffling bird! The head looks like a female black-headed grosbeak's, but the rest of the plumage looks like the non-breeding-season (Aug-Mar) plumage of the male black-headed grosbeak's!

I'm going to go with your "mystery" bird being a male in 'drab' winter plumage, but I've read enough of your recent blogs to know not to bet you any MONEY on it!

cousin nancy said...