Monday, January 26, 2009

I Did It His Way!

Today is Ben's birthday! We have known Ben Welch for over seven years, but it feels like we've known him forever! He is one of Tony's and my best friends, and we love him—he is family!

As far as I know, Ben has only one major flaw, that he can't really help. He is an Aquarius, which is a Cardinal sign, making him a leader. Well, I am a Libra, another Cardinal sign, and a leader, too! Often, when he and I are fixin' to build something, like a dog house, deck, etc.—he and I usually clash on how it should be done.

It is hilarious to me, because Ben has his way on how the project should be done, and my approach is always just the opposite of his! Fortunately, we always compromise on these projects, even when we worked on my Space Ship renovations!

"Now Ben, this is my Space Ship, and I really want it to be done this way," I would say. Bless Ben, he would try to explain how his plans were much better than mine, and then some how, he would wind up talking me into doing it his way—every time! (And, I must admit, that I am glad that I did it his way.)

Ben's birthday, today, January 26th, is going to be an even more exciting day for him, because it is the beginning of the Chinese New Year (the Ox) and there is supposed to be a full eclipse of the full moon, and it is also Australia Day, too—with Mercury still in retrograde! Have a great day, Ben! We wish that we could celebrate it with you!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Ben—Happy Birthday to You! —Love, Nance, Tone, Aaron, and Kink

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DY_Goddess said...

Happy Birthday Ben! I hope you have a super day filled with all the things and people you love and may all your dreams and wishes come true this year!

Here's your birthday horoscope hot off the press from LATIMES.COM:

Today's birthday (Jan. 26): You have ideas worth sharing. You're a resource for others, and those who follow your advice incur a successful outcome. Turn your visionary powers to your own life and projects as much as possible. You call the shots in your personal life. Spring features admiring company. There's a financial spike in September. Aries and Taurus delight you. Your lucky numbers are 4, 25, 29, 15 and 18.