Monday, January 19, 2009

I've Got The Bird Blues!

This morning when I woke up—it was sorta scary! After feeding Lucky, our cat, and our six hungry dogs, I looked out the front window, and I felt like I was in that scary, old, black and white movie, ‘The Birds’ by Alfred Hitchcock! OMG—the air space in our front yard, was full of all kinds of birds! I loved it, when I saw all of the pretty birds, flying from one feeder to the other—then depression immediately took over me, because knowing that Tony is fixin’ to build about three more pole systems— I realized that we are not going to be able to afford the cost of the bird seed, without taking on second jobs!

My heart sank faster than the Titanic—until I quickly switched on my salt lamp, which came all of the way from the Himalayan’s salt mines, (Available at Gibsons in Kerrville, for forty dollars, unless you charge it, and then it is free!). I then lit some of my sweet smelling Tibetan inceanse, (From Cross Cultures, at the only Kerrville mall for seven dollars.) and lastly, I cranked up my irreplacable iPod, to louder than loud—pumping out my favorite music!

Thank goodness, I did those things, because it worked! When Tony arrived, I was happy, I had breakfast nearly ready. I was kinda moon-walking, in the kitchen, in between our four ancient dogs, planted on the floor—to Michael Jackson singing ‘Billie Jean!’ I love that song, so much!

“Morning Nance,” Tony said. “Babe, can you believe how many birds are out there?! They’re thicker than thick! I think, instead of building just three more pole systems—I‘m going to build at least five more pole systems today! Then we can go to Kerrville and buy twenty more feeders! Okay?” I suddenly lost my appetite. I visualized us having to live in the Space Ship, using solar power, so we could afford the bird feed.

“Tone, that sounds good,” I lied, as I visualized us eating beans everyday—for the rest of our lives.

After breakfast, T. went outside to do his chores with Aaron. My sister, Cindy, called to tell me that she had read my blog, about our pole systems. She told me that she and Ray, had a ‘Wild Birds Unlimited—Advanced pole system,’ just like mine, and then their was much laughing!

Tony, Buttermilk, and I went to Kerrville, a little after noon. We ate lunch at ‘Randy & Lisa’s Save Inn Restaurant, and our meals were extremely delicious! Following lunch, we headed over to Wolfmueller’s Books, to see our good friends, Sandy and Jon! As always, it was a fun visit—filled with a lot of laughing!

After our visit, T. and I left their bookstore, and Buttermilk took us straight to Kevin and Linda Pillow’s,‘Wild Birds Unlimited’ store! We had a fun visit with them, and we even got to meet their sweet, rescued dog—Captain Jack, a handsome black and white, bird dog mix! Talk about one great, lucky dog—Tony and I fell in love with him! Then we went to shopping!

Thirty-six dollars and twenty-six cents later—we walked out of their great store! We had purchased more seed, suet and poles! Then Buttermilk took us home.

When we arrived back at the rescue ranch, we had one message on the machine—from Kinky. “Nance, please call Kinky, as soon as you get this message.” I called Kinky and then drove over to the Lodge, to see him.

After greetings, Kinky asked me to please read something that he had written for his new book—I read it and it was great, and I told him so. Then we went for a thirty-minute walk with The Friedmans. When we returned to the Lodge, Kinky invited me to play a game of pool with him, since I had, by pure luck, beaten him yesterday—by default! The Hummingbird Man had sunk the eight ball in the wrong middle pocket! I loved it, because it rarely happens that I win!

As usual, I missed just about every shot today, but with the help of Kink, several of my solid balls fell into the pockets, accidentally! The Hummingbird Man - 1, Cousin Nancy -Zip!

I’m fixin’ to look for some online part-time jobs, now—so T. and I can afford to feed our new found flock of a billion songbirds, that we’re fixin’ to feed! And, we haven’t even put out our Hummingbird feeders, yet! Y’all have a great evening and please wish us luck! Here are some pictures that I took of our pole systems!
My pole feeder:

My feeder with solar hummingbird and dragonfly:

Tony's first feeder:

T.'s first feeder:

My first finches!

Tony's homemade second feeder:

My pretty pink—wasp catcher:


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I have several of those feeder systems from Wild Birds Unlimited as well, but yours are missing a very important item.
I refer to the ones you have installed that will not have dogs underneath them. Trust me, if you do not acquire this missing item for each pole, you will soon be feeding the squirrels, coons and possums at a rate no one can afford! You may even lose feeders to those rascally bandits and their nimble 'hands'! I'm serious cuz I've "been there, done that"! You and Tony really need to return to WBU and pick up some iron 'baffles' to go on those poles that are out in the yard.
The baffles won't save the seed from any enterprising deer that learn to reach up and rock the feeders at night, nor will they deter the 'flying pigs' (better known as whitewing doves) from eating you out of house and home, but, before you and Tony wake up to empty and/or missing feeders, PLEASE bring in the seed at night or go get those baffles!
Ok, this Voice of Experience is off her soapbox now......

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Wow! Thank you for the info! I will get a baffle on mine tomorrow or Wednesday! Maybe Tone can call China and get one for his, too! Thank you for the comment! See you soon! And, thank you for the comment!

DY_Goddess said...

Ahite. Tarantulas, snakes & packs of wild pigs on the Ranch. Now it's flying pigs?! Yikes.
I think I'll read from afar Nance.
LOL!!! ; ))

"Maybe Tone can call China and get one for his, too!" Nah, it'll just tip over & bonk the offender on the head methinks ; ))

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Thank you for making me laugh! Tone has tried calling China, but they won't return his phone calls!