Saturday, January 31, 2009


This morning, at ten o’clock Linda T. arrived at the rescue ranch, ready to walk our dogs! She and I started with Maggie and Happy, then it was Ruth Buzzi and Chuck’s turn, next we took Henry and his girlfriend, Sparky—for a waltz across Texas! The dogs loved it and so did we!

The weather today, was absolutely perfect for dog walking—sixty-five degrees, no wind, with an uncloudy, beautiful blue sky!

I decided that we needed to walk Bob Dylan and our new dog, Sam next, to see if they liked each other, so that we could put them in a pen together, to be roommates. So, Linda walked Sam, and I walked Bob Dylan—and the boys loved their walk, and got along beautifully! Yeah!

During our walk, we ran into Aaron down at the bridge, letting Ms. Pepper go for a long swim and she was loving it, too! “Hello ladies, as soon as Ms. Pepper is done swimming, she and I are going to go climb that mountain, behind y’all, so I can take some pictures of the ranch!” We visited for a few minutes, and then Aaron and his ‘Ton of Fun’ sidekick—went off to do some serious mountain climbing.

When my foursome returned to the rescue ranch, we put Bob and Sam in a front pen, near our feed barn, and then Linda and I crossed our fingers, and unleashed the two dogs—and it worked! Sam and Bob are now officially roomies!

Our friend Paul, had arrived with his sister, Sarah, who was visiting from Indiana. While I visited with them, Linda went over to Alfie and Nash’s pen—leashed up Nash, ‘The Smiler’ and took off with him! I had a fun visit with Paul and Sarah, and then I went to the trailer, to return an urgent phone call, that Tony had told me about.

After returning three, not one, urgent phone calls, I went back outside to visit with Paul, Sarah and Tone. A few minutes later, our dogs cranked up, and I saw Aaron and Linda walking into the rescue ranch with Nash and Alfie—tails high and wagging! “Has Aaron already climbed that mountain with Ms. Pepper?” I asked.

“Yes,” Tony replied. “Aaron told me that Ms. Pepper pulled him up the mountain really fast. And, when they started climbing down, he unleashed her and she had a blast smelling this and that!” We all laughed! I loved that Ms. P. had had so much fun!

“She’s one mighty big dog!” Paul remarked.

“Yeah,” T. said, “that’s why we call her, ‘Our Ton of Fun!”

As Paul and Sarah, were fixin’ to leave, and saying their goodbyes, I watched Linda and Aaron walk out of the rescue ranch with Harley and Christy Brinkley, to go for their fun hike!

Following lunch, Linda and Aaron took off with another pair of dogs, ready to go over the river and through the woods! And, that’s when Kinky’s, and our dear friends, Terrie and her husband, Ray, arrived to check out Mr. Ziffel—and it was love at first site for those three!

After hugs and handshakes, Tony and I went into Outer Space with them! They loved Ronnie’s and Tom’s screened in porch, and we had a great visit out there! After our visit, the four of us went to Mr. Ziffel’s pen. Z. fell in love with them—kissing them wildly! We’re talkin’ ‘A Real Love Fest!’

Terrie and Ray wanted to adopt Mr. Ziffel, but were concerned about their two rescued dogs, getting along with him. So, we decided to let them take Mr. Z. and try him out first, before officially adopting him to them. They liked the trial basis, so, Tone attached Mr. Ziffel’s dog tags to his new dog collar, and then his leash and handed the leash to Ray.

Ray decided that he wanted to ride in the backseat with Ziffelman, so they could bond, and would let Terrie chauffeur them, back to Spicewood! When Ray jumped into the backseat, Mr. Ziff jumped in right behind him! We’ve all got our fingers crossed, that it will work out!

After they left, I phoned Kinky to tell him the good news about Mr. Ziffel, possible adoption to Terrie and Ray—and he was delighted! Then Tone came inside the trailer to tell me that Churchill was missing—AWOL! “Nance, he was here before lunch, but now he is gone! I’m worried about him.” Tony and I went immediately outside to look for our new resident rooster.

Twenty minutes later, after our search—we had no rooster! Aaron and Linda pulled up in Kermit, after Aaron had taken her to see the new calves. “What’s wrong?” One of them asked, and we told them. Then I went back over to the pig pen, went inside and looked everywhere, including the tall tree, that shades our pigs. “Tony,” I half hollered. “Do you think one of the pigs might have sat down on him and accidentally squashed him?”

“No Nance,” Tony yelled back to me, and then I heard them laughing.

When I returned to Trigger, where they were all standing, we talked for over thirty minutes about Churchill, and what might have happened to him—it totally depressed me. Then out of nowhere, well actually behind the pump barn, we heard, “Crock-Ar-Droodle-Droo!” Churchill has a speech impediment—he can’t help it. Tone and I have never heard a rooster that crows like him—never!

As soon as we heard Churchill’s ‘Droo,’ we clapped our hands, happy to know that our new rooster was okay! Then Church began crowing incessantly, to our delight, and then he finally appeared from behind the barn, and flew into the pig pen, to flirt with his girlfriends! I loved that, too! Y’all have a great evening!


DY_Goddess said...

"Churchill has a speech impediment—he can’t help it."
OMG! That is sooo hilarious!! I was so worried as I was reading your blog, but then it worked out all right!
Good luck to Mr. Ziffel, hopefully his charm will will him over in his new pack.
Happy Sunday to Tony & Nancy, it's my favourite day of the week!

cousin nancy said...

Good morning Fay! Yes, it is true! Churchill makes us laugh every time we hear him crow!