Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Friends! Are We Lucky Or What!

I hope that Ben's birthday was as fun as our day was! This morning my dear friend, Ann, who've I've known since I was eight years old, came out for a visit and to work with our dogs! After a too short of a visit in our trailer, Kermit, Ann and I went over the river and through the woods—to visit with Kinky.

After our fun visit, we returned to the rescue ranch, so Ann could work with Mr. Ziffel, and then hand out treats to our dogs. Mr. Ziffel fell in love with Ann, as did the rest of our dogs!

This afternoon, Sandy Wolfmueller called around 4:30, I let our machine take the call—"Nance, Jon and I want to come out for a visit. Is that okay?"

I quickly picked up the phone, "Hi Sandy! Tony and I would love for y'all to come out! We'll have the gate open! We can't wait to see y'all!"

Around five o'clock, Sandy and Jon arrived at the rescue ranch and the party began, after they admired our three bird feeders and the many birds! Then the four of us went into Outer Space and kicked back!

Talk about fun—Tone and I love those two people! As our Bose iDeck played, Kinky's and our good friend, Will Hoover's great album, which is one of our very favorites, we talked about Wolfmueller's Book store, how much we love Harley Belew, dogs, cats and how much we missed our dear friend John K.! Then when Van Morrison began singing his country, 'Pay The Devil' album—we discussed politics, and told stories about some of the hilarious funerals that we have all attended, how great the NoMads are and their 'Riders In The Sky' upcoming event, and Robert Earl Keen's book signing in early March!

Sandy and Jon left a little before nine o'clock, and T. and I hated to see them leave! Y'all have a great evening—because we just did!


Anonymous said...

You showed up on Google's news alert dealy so that's cool.
I have a music news site at Lakin Report. Let me know if you come across anything you think I should know about.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Bill! I just checked out your site and it is fantastic! I love many of the musicians that you keep up with! Neil Young and Van Morrison are two of my favorites!

Question. Only if you have the time—What is Google's news alert deal? Is that good?

I hope that everyone will check out your site—I loved it! You are obviously a very busy man with your super site! Thank you for the comment.