Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Okay—So, We're Party Animals!

Well, Tony sorta won the bet, this morning—I think. I grabbed my magnifying glass, at eight-fifteen, and closely examined the potted dirt. I saw a couple of tiny little green dots, but was not sure what it was. I will know for sure in the morning. So I am not paying T. anything, yet—but attention.

This morning, Kinky invited me over to the Lodge for a short visit and it was fun. Then I returned to the rescue ranch.

Tonight, Tone and I have some exciting New Year's Eve party plans! We're going to watch the 'Bucket List,' again, then we will make our own bucket lists, and then try to stay up until nine! I bet Tony, five more dollars, that he would go to bed early, and be sound asleep by eight o'clock—and another five, that our radishes would definitely have sprouted by morning—and he took those bets and~shook on it!

Tonight, after I have completed my bucket list, I plan to go into Outer Space, for a minute, to make a very special wish, upon the first star that I see tonight. My wish will be, that I please win the bets that I have made with Tony! Wish me luck!. Then I will go to bed, because I will be doing 'The Harley Show,' next year, at seven forty-five!

Happy New Year, Y'all! May it be a trillion times better than 2008 was for all of us! I hope that 2008 was the end of an error, and that 2009 be the beginning of a new era of hope, love, joy and peace on our planet!

P.S. Tone sends you his best for the new year!

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DY_Goddess said...

Nice little sprouts for New Years! Hope you didn't party too hearty last night.
I was drinking champagne and had a bit of a sore head this morning, but thankful my clothes stayed on. Funny thing that: I drink Champers and my clothes fall off. Luck was with me last night LOL!!

Happy New Year from Prince, me and the rest of our family!
Fay xo

P.S. As of this month we will have had Prince in our family for TWO YEARS! Can you believe it?! We love him more all the time, he's just a fantastic guy to have in the family. Handsome, too! ; ))