Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Dreams!

Well, Tony and I sure enjoyed Leisa’s and Rick’s visit, and a lot of our dogs got walked, too! We had a roping contest with Leisa and Rick, late Monday afternoon! I'm proud to announce that In the men’s division—The Medina Bulldog won! In the women’s division—Cousin Nancy won! Yeah! I love it!

I didn’t throw my rope real good, because I am still working out the kinks in it, but Leisa, who has never roped anything—roped my roping post once! Which is really good for a first-timer! It was a lot of fun, and like I told Leisa— "It just takes a lot of practice, that’s all!"

And, oh yes—Tony and I did tease Leisa about Lexie having to have 'an emergency adoption,' too! Leisa took our kidding really well, and she was happy to hear that Lexie found herself a great home!

While Leisa and Rick were out here, our two, cute little poodles, Muffy and Max, found their forever home, yesterday—at last! Lana, is going to officially adopt them, a week from this Friday, and we are so thrilled for those two little rascals! They are going to a great home, and Lana wants them to go to work with her everyday, and to sleep with her in her bed! And, before Lana left, she also told us, that she is going to start volunteering out here, to walk our dogs on Tuesdays!

I have so much to tell, and I also have some pictures, to show y'all, but unfortunately not tonight. I am pretty worn out, and I will blog more about the last couple of days—tomorrow, once I catch up with all of my stacked up e-mails, return phone calls, that need to be made, and after taking care of the never-ending pile of paperwork, etc.! Please wish me luck that I get caught up tomorrow!

Tone and I are hitting the mattress early tonight, because I have to get up early, so I can do Harley's fun talk show, at 7:45, on The Rose, 99.9 FM—to talk about our super dogs!

Y’all have a great evening! I'm fixin' to go to bed. Sweet Dreams!

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