Sunday, January 11, 2009

That It Was Fate!

This morning, at ten o'clock, Jessica, from Kerrville showed up for her adoption appointment! We were all thrilled, when we met her! She was sweet, and told me about being a professor at Schreiner University, in Kerrville and how much she loved dogs. Jessica said that she had googled us, to look at our dogs, and she fell in love with Lexie! Then when she read about Lexie wanting to be adopted to a runner—it was the perfect match, because she runs daily and also runs in marathons, too!

As we walked to Lexie's pen, we caught up with Aaron. He asked Jessica what color collar and leash she wanted for Lexie, and Jessica requested blue. Aaron grabbed a pretty blue collar, and a matching leash, that the NoMads had donated. Then I handed him Lexie's tags and he began putting Lexie's tags on it. When Jessica and I saw Lexie, from a distance, her tail was wagging and she was jumping up and down with joy! "Lexie knows!" I said. " She knows that this is her day, and she's the one getting a forever home. Isn't she beautiful?!"

By the time that we reached Lexie's pen—It was definitely love at first sight, for those two! Aaron then showed up, went into the pen and put Lexie's pretty blue collar on her, and then he attached the leash, "Come on in, Jessica, and meet Lexie."

We went into the pen and Lexie could hardly contain her excitement! While Jessica and Lexie were getting to know one another, Marsha, Jessica's mother, and Alex, Jessica's younger sister, arrived for the adoption! Jessica definitely wanted to adopt Lexie, so she filled out Lexie's adoption form. Then Marsha, Jessica, Alex and I took Lexie for a walk. Then Jessica and Lexie started running together, and off they went! It made me so happy—they were a perfect match for each other!

When we all returned to the rescue ranch, Samantha, Jessica's other younger sister, who was a former volunteer dog walker for us, before going away to Baylor, arrived for the adoption! We're talking family reunion, and it was fun! When it was time for them to leave, they all decided to follow Jessica home, to play with Lexie, in her house and big backyard! I was so happy for Lexie!

When I returned to the trailer, I finished the paperwork of the adoption. Then Tony came inside, and said, "We've got another calf! She is black and white, and I've named her Betsy."

"I'm going to call Kinky!"

"Kinky already knows about Lexie getting adopted, but he doesn't know about Betsy. I saw him on the road, before I went and checked on the cows. He's gone to Kerrville."

"Tony, I am so happy that Lexie got adopted! It was actually perfect timing, since Rick and Leisa are coming up tomorrow to walk our dogs and spend the night. Remember, on their last visit, when Lexie accidentally escaped from her pen, and ran around Echo Hill for a few hours!" Then we started laughing. "And how bad Leisa felt for letting her out of her pen, and all of the teasing, that we gave her! I can't wait to tease her again. I'm going to tell them, that we had to have an emergency adoption, so Lexie wouldn't be here, when they came!" Tony and I then burst out laughing! "I'm going to tell them—that it was fate!"

Here's a picture of our lucky lady. Y'all have a great Sunday!


jessjohnson4 said...

This is Jessica, the girl who adopted Lexie just over a year ago!! I was reading through your blog and came across this, and had to comment! Just wanted you guys to know that Lexi has been a perfect match for me, and i think she is loving her home just as much as we love having her! She's the smartest, sweetest, snuggliest girl ever, and we've become the best of friends! We're up to running 3 miles a day together right now! She's gotta stay up with her running because the vet says she's a little chunky butt these days! Thank you guys so much for what you do for these animals! If I had room, I'd adopt them all!

jessjohnson4 said...

Also, I'd love to send some pics of Lexie to you guys to post so others can see just how happy a rescue dog can be--and how happy the rescuer can be! But I can't figure out how to post them here :-/