Monday, January 5, 2009

Not A Happy Camper!

Last night, Tony and I really enjoyed watching Helen Mirren, in ‘The Queen.’ That movie was really good. Many friends of ours, had told us to watch it, and I am glad that we finally did! My advice to all is: If you haven’t seen it—rent it and watch it. If you have seen it—watch it again! It’s worth a double-take.

This morning, after talking to Kinky, I reached out—and touched someone, Tara to be exact. Tara had called last night, and had left a message on the machine, about some questions she needed answered, for donating to our rescue ranch, while ‘The Queen’ was on the phone, talking to Tony Blair, about Princess Diana’s funeral—and Elizabeth wasn’t a real happy camper about it.

“Hello Tara, this is Nancy, from the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, returning your call.” Tara and I talked for about five minutes, and I answered all of her questions concerning pen sponsorship. She was a delight to talk to. When she told me that she and her friends, follow my blog, and giving me a couple of other compliments—I gave her my e-mail address.

For lunch today, I made my famous (just kidding) Tortilla soup—and Tony loved it! While he and I were sipping our soup away, I asked T. if he would go horseback riding with Cindy P. and me, later this week. “Nance, I can’t,” Tony said. “I would love to, but my back just couldn’t take it. I would love to ride with you, but I can’t. No way.”

Slurp, slurp, “Okay Tone, I understand. Maybe I can talk my sister Cindy, Ben and Aaron to go riding with Cindy and me? You could go too, and take pictures of us riding? That would be a blast! How about that?”

“Nance, that’s a great idea, but what am I going to be doing for two hours while y’all ride?”

“You could take your laptop and get some work done, or play games on your iPod Touch.”

“We’ll see,” Tony said.

Then somehow, our conversation went from that to this. “Tony I need a roping post. Remember when we used to have roping contests, over at my little ranch in Utopia—they were so much fun!”

“Yes, Nance, they were a lot of fun, but you never won—ever.” Tony teased, and then he started laughing!

“That’s not true Tony,” I said. “I’m a good post roper, and you know it! I’m going to ask Ben or Aaron to build me a roping post, out by the Space Ship. Okay?” Tony laughed, and then he went outside to check on the dogs.

Today, I received a surprise in the mail—from Mari of the infamous Kerrville NoMads! Mari sent me a really cute card, and a peace sign decal for my future VW bus—totally sixties! I love it, and may put it on the little refrigerator in the Space Ship! Thank you Mari—it made me smile and laugh today!

Well, I’m fixin’ to watch ‘The Queen’ one more time, but T. isn’t. Y’all have a great evening!

P.S. Tara, thank you and your friends, for helping our dogs at the rescue ranch!

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