Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Riders In The Sky!

This morning before breakfast, I went out on the porch and shot birds—with my camera! This morning, I shot five Red Winged Blackbirds, two Grosbeaks, forty or more Yellow Finches, twelve Cardinals with their wives, and sixty some odd sparrows—then Tony came home and we ate and drank our breakfast!

After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I grabbed my beautiful hand weights and stretchy band, and started my indoor brisk, three mile walk with Leslie Sansone! Before I had reached the half mile mark, Little Girl, our thirteen year old little rescued dog, came up to where I was marching. She sat down and stared up at me and wouldn’t quit staring. Something was wrong, and I knew exactly what was wrong.

Toto, who normally sleeps on the kitchen chair, next to my chair, had decided to sleep in the big chair, which Little Girl normally sleeps in. Not wanting to wake Totums, I put my two lavender weights on the counter, and then bent down, while still marching, and pulled out my old memory pillow hiding in a turquoise pillowcase, under a bench, so she could sleep on it.

That’s when I heard that unwanted, old familiar sound of my back pop! Little Girl, went to the pillow and immediately went to sleep, as I slowly raised up, and realized that my back had not gone out! Yeah! I then picked up my hand weights and continued to pump purple, as I began doing kicks, with Leslie and her friends.

When my workout was over—I went to work—doing more paperwork. Around eleven o’clock, the phone rang. I slid out of my chair, to go answer the phone, and that is when I realized my back was really aching. “Hello Nance,” Kinky said cheerfully. “How are you today?”

“Fine, I think?”

“What’s wrong?” Kinky asked. “Tell me.”

“I think my back is going out. It’s not totally out, but it sure does hurt.”

“Oh no!” Kinky stated. “Please take it easy! You know that everytime yours, Tony’s or my back goes out, all of our backs go out—it’s contagious! It happens everytime! It runs in threes!”

“I know. Trust me, I am babying it.”

“Good. Nance, I’ve got to go to Kerrville today. Are y’all?”

“Yes, we’ve got to run some errands.”

“Great! Why don’t we meet at Del Norte’s and have lunch together?”

“Sounds good to me, Kinky. What time?”

“How about one o’clock?”

At two minutes past one, Buttermilk, Tony and I pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot. We spotted Mr. Green Jeans—with Kinky sitting inside, he saw us and we waved to each other. After sitting down at our table, Kinky said, “Max will be joining us.”

“Oh that’s great!” I said. “We haven’t seen Max since the event, back in October!” Max then walked up to our table and joined us. The food was good, but the conversation was better!

After lunch, Max went back to work, Kinky went home, and Tony and I ran our errands, and then we went by to see Sandy and Jon, at Wolfmueller’s Books!

I love their bookstore! Everytime that we go into their store, everybody is wearing a smile, including the shoppers, and great music is always playing—it’s my kind of place! After ten minutes of talking about bird feeders, and the upcoming two great concerts, by Robert Earl Keen, and the NoMad’s Valentine concert, featuring the Riders In The Sky, Sandy said, “Nancy, I love your necklace!” Then she and Jon leaned in to get a closer look at it! “Nancy, you’re wearing it backwards!” Then we all started laughing! “Here, let me help you,” Sandy said, as she unhooked my necklace, turned it around, and then re-latched it. “Nancy it is absolutely beautiful! Where did you get it?”

“My dear friend, Karen, up in Massachusetts made it for me last year! You know—’Erb and Karen. I love it!”

“It looks much better now, since Sandy turned it for you.” Jon said. “When I first saw it, I couldn’t tell what was on it.”

“Well now, that explains why some people were staring at my chest, today” I said. “I thought they were just staring at my sunken chest!” We all laughed, and then I went off to find a new cookbook and bird book.

I found the ‘Joy of Cooking’ book, 1983 edition, and was delighted! Then Sandy and Jon asked us to go back into their office with them, to show us their newly acquired—bird singing book, that actually sings each bird’s song! It was really cool! Sandy played us several different birds singing, but the Whippoorwill was my favorite!

Just as Tone and I were fixin’ to leave, Sandy handed me a bird book. “We just got this one in, and I think you and Tony will really like it.” I looked through it quickly, and wanted it. After paying for the books—Buttermilk took us home.

By the time we reached the rescue ranch, I didn’t like the bird book at all—I loved it! Tony is going to read it tonight, while I finish reading Tom Wells, great book—’Strange Seasons: Summer!’

Tony just walked inside. “Nance, you’ve got a birdbath out there, now. I just moved it and filled it up with water. Come look.” Y’all have a great evening and wish me luck on my back!

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