Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Today has been great and so was yesterday, but today I am really pooped and running on empty, because last night I got very little sleep, because Roy kept waking me up, because there was something outside driving him crazy. I must have let him outside and brought him back inside at least six different times. And the other reason that I am pooped is because early this morning a person called me and literally wore me out, because they were demanding to talk to Kinky, get his e-mail address, because this person was hoping to get Kinky involved with a situation they were involved with.

When I told the person that Kink was out of the country and that he wouldn't be back until February, they wanted to know why he is out of the country, where he was and why. When I told this nosey person that Kinky was touring in Australia and performing, the inquiring mind asked me, "Performing what? What does he do? What kind of music does he do?"

After I explained what he does in one of his performances they asked me for Kinky's e-mail address. Then they got sarcastic with me when I told them that Kinky doesn't have an e-mail address or own a computer. The energy-vampire was shocked and surprised with this news and they couldn't believe it. I guess they thought I was lying to them. Anyway, they asked me to explain why. After I had explained to them why he didn't have a computer. Then I told them that I would relay their message to Kinky and give him their phone number when he gets back to the ranch. That wasn't good enough. So, they asked me if I had an e-mail address and for me to give them my e-mail address, so they could correspond with Kinky through me.

Okay, by now my patience had wore thin and I wasn't enjoying this conversation aka rude inquisition at all. So after I told this person that I did have an e-mail address, I got even. (It's a Libra deal) I took a deep breath and slowly said, "But I'm sorry—I don't give it out to anyone." There was total silence on the other end, for at least five seconds. And, I am embarrassed to admit it, but it felt so good—until they asked me, "Why?" And it took me five more minutes before I finally adios-ed this guy, from Colorado. And when I went and told Tony about this irritating rocky mountain phone caller I about fainted when the first word he spoke to me was, "Why?...." And that is why I am so tired tonight.

This afternoon we invited Linda to come over for lunch and she arrived with a delicious chocolate cake that she had made. I cooked those meatless cutlets, mashed sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables and not to brag—Linda thought lunch was delicious, but she really loved those cutlets and she couldn't believe that the main ingredients are: cottage cheese, walnuts, onions, eggs, bread crumbs and sage, so I gave her a copy of the recipe.

While we were eating lunch with Linda she told us about The Friedmans going wild last night, barking non-stop all night, because there was something outside driving them crazy, too. And the only thing that we could come up with was it must be coyotes in the area. Tony and I really enjoyed eating lunch with Linda and the best thing about our fun lunch was Linda's homemade chocolate cake.

Late this afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville. Our first stop was at Wild Bird Unlimited, because Tony wanted to buy more of their superior birdseed—Choice Plus Blend, etc. And while Tone was checking out the nuts and berries suet, I found the cutest, solar firefly lantern. The instant that I saw it I knew I was going to buy one. "Kevin, I love this solar firefly lantern! It is way too cool."

"I know. The fireflies flicker, too. My wife and I have three and Marguerite already has bought two of them." Then he walked up to me, standing at the display and he picked up a lantern, and said, "Come with me to the back room. I know that sounds funny, but you need to see how it operates in the dark. "

That made me laugh, so I joked, "Tony, if I am not back here in two minutes. Come and get me." Thirty seconds later we came back into the store and I said, "Tony, I love this and the next time we come back I will probably buy another one...." Then Marguerite walked inside the store and we greeted each other. Then we talked, laughed and compared notes about our Chihuahuas: Minnie, Little Debbie and Alice.

Before leaving this super cool store, with the best of vibes, a beautiful bird feeder or birdbath caught my eye. "Tony, we're getting this too. It is beautiful and..." And after we ran the rest of our errands we came back home. And I unpacked my purchases and Tony hung them up for me, before going to fill his bird feeders.

And that is about it for tonight and I am not explaining, "Why?"  ; )

Y'all have a great evening!


mary sanders said...

Nancy, This techno-smarty has a computer. He can read all about Kinky! He can read his books!
I guess he didn't think about that!
You may have to take a real sleep nap with your darling dogs today to make up for it.
You have the patience of a dog with a toddler!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for your comment. Today is a new day and it is going to be great.