Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Heat Is On!

Today has been great, but it didn't start out great. Early this morning Tony woke me up and said, "We are out of propane and we have no heat. I've called Martin and he told me that he will deliver the propane later this morning....I'm fixin' to go to town to drink coffee...."

After I heard the front door close behind Tony, I pulled the top, torn up blanket, with countless holes in it, over Little Debbie, Alice and me and went back to sleep, while Roy, Belle and Beau continued sleeping on top of the rest of our bed.

By 8:00, I was dressed in two layers of sweats and I was, in the kitchen, starting to cook a big pot of beans, for our lunch. As Roy, Belle and Beau watched me chop celery, onions and carrots, Little Debbie and Alice remained buried underneath their pile of chewed-up blankets, on our bed.

Around 9:30, Tony was on the phone calling Bobby, in Kerrville, our super nice air-conditioning man, because he discovered that we had not run out of propane as he had thought. We still had 40% left.

Fifteen minutes later, Martin showed up and topped off our propane tank for us and then he wished us luck with the central heating unit, before he adios-ed us and drove away.

Ten minutes later, Bobby arrived to check out our heater and ten minutes later he had found the problem. It was a broken ignitor switch. Then Bobby made a phone call. After that he took off for Kerrville to go buy a new, replacement switch.

After Bobby drove away, Tony went outside to get our little floor heater, from the barn, because the temperature inside The Cabin was 60 degrees. And ten minutes later, I took this picture of Little Debbie sleeping near the heater to keep warm, because her floor vent was no longer putting out any heat.

By 12:45, Bobby had repaired our heating unit and had gone and Tony and I were eating lunch. To say the least, "Our dogs and us were in much better moods, because the heat was finally back on."

This afternoon my dear friend Jay Pennington sent me an e-mail. Jay is the man who has single-handedly designed a software program that has helped save and get thousands of lost pets back to their owners. And I am one of the proud Board Members of Pet Search And Rescue, his 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Jay is also the one who put together the Anyway Jay's e-mail was about another lost dog with a happy ending—thanks to his site. Jay wrote:

I want to wish and Linda our dog rescuer for finding and returning Scout to us right before Christmas!  Scout was lost for a month and I had almost given up hope that we would find him.
Thanks to Linda who looked for lost pets online and found our posting on, Scout was returned to our family.  Scout had a fractured front leg and grass stains on his light fur trying to get help- he followed Linda’s son and husband home from a park. I cannot begin to thank enough, everyone involved in helping us find our Scout!

Reading about Scout getting back to his family, because of Jay's is what has made my day great. "Congrats Jay Pennington! Thank you for all you have done and do for our pets."

As I finish writing this tonight, I am so happy that the heat is on, but not as happy as Little Debbie is to have her vent back. She's been sleeping on top of it for nearly two hours. I guess you could say she is venting."

Y'all have a great evening!

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Anonymous said...

Brrrr so glad your heart is back. Is darn cold out! Sleep warm and comfortably...