Sunday, January 18, 2015

Leaving Time!

Today has been great. Tonight I am writing a condensed version of my day for y'all, the readers, to digest.

1.  This morning I cooked Hank and Forrest Gump sausage and eggs with Parmesan cheese, again. Then Tony and I went outside to do our chores.

2.  I took pictures of Forrest Gump, who finished eating my breakfast while also flirting non-stop with Aggie, his new roommate to be—sooner than later.

3.  This afternoon I purchased a paperback copy of Wild, at Hastings, after we had bought more dog food and a few more pounds of sausage for Hank and Forrest, at the big H-E-B.

4.  Those sweet girls from the Medina Children's Home came over and they took Hank on a super long, fun walk that lasted for over an hour and a half and Hank enjoyed being with the girls and getting to go hiking again

5.  Late this afternoon I went over to the Lodge to visit with Linda, my newest, super cool girl friend. I couldn't wait to loan her my new, copy of the book Wild to read, because I knew that she would totally love it as I did. Linda also loved my new Danner boots so much, she told me that she was going to buy a pair, too. And before I left to come back home, Linda gave me a quart of some homemade spaghetti sauce that she had made, two facial masks for Tony and me to try and a healthy bottle of Boltinghouse juice to try! And she also loaned me her copy of the book leaving time by the New York Times #1 bestselling author Jodi Picoult.

6.  Then I came back home and finished reading the last twenty pages of Wild. Then I removed my Danner hiking boots and finally made a safe place for them, when I am not wearing them which will be never. With Downer and Hazel, already in the closet/wine cellar, I decided to keep them on the top shelf, of our homemade armoire that Tony helped me build over eighteen years ago.

Cheryl Strayed's book has truly touched my heart in so many ways, that earlier this evening, after I had finished reading Wild, I tried to do some writing, then I tried to watch TV, then I tried to start reading leaving time, but I couldn't do any of it, because I still wanted to keep thinking about the fabulous book Wild written by Cheryl Strayed, because it is such an awesome book. I hope that you'll read it or at least see the movie, which I cannot wait to do.

Tomorrow is going to be a really big day for me, in so many ways and I'll try to write more I promise.

Y'all have a great evening!

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