Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some Cutlets!

Today has been great. Around noon, when Tony and I were just finishing up our outdoor chores—Rooster Cogburn spread his wings and cock-a-doodled-do and The Golden Girls totally ignored him. It made us laugh. "He's telling us that it is time for us to eat lunch," Tone hinted. "What are you fixin' us for lunch?"

"I don't know."

"Nance, I love those healthy meatless cutlets that you've been making us, but could you please fix us something else. We've been eating them almost every other day and I'm...." Even though Tony was right about getting tired of eating the cutlets so often I still didn't know what to cook us for lunch.

Then it hit me—hamburger soup. Last week my dear friend Mari had sent me this link to The Pioneer Woman's Hamburger Soup recipe and she had told me that it was easy to make and was totally delicious and that I should give it a try. So after I checked it out I bookmarked Ree Drummond's Hamburger Soup recipe for future reference. Click Hamburger Soup to check out her recipe.

After I reread The Pioneer Woman's Hamburger Soup recipe I got busy cooking it in the kitchen, sort of, because I didn't have all of the ingredients and I had to make several substitutions. While I was sauteing the mushrooms, zucchini, onion and garlic, I filled a big pot with six cups of boiling water and then I dumped in leftover sacks of frozen mixed vegetables and Brussels sprouts.

Then I chopped up some celery and tossed it into the pot. Then I added the beef broth, a can of tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce and a can of Rotel tomatoes and green chiles.

Then I substituted the potatoes for pasta and started cooking up some linguini. Then I stirred up some Jiffy corn bread mix and slid that into the preheated oven. It was sort of like a three ring circus, on the stove top. Then I poured in the rest of the jar of my homemade Serrano pepper salsa and then added the salt, pepper and parsley.

I then cooked the hamburger meat with some leftover pinto beans and then I added it to the pot, along with the drained linguini—"Tony! Lunch is ready. Tony!"

Omg, it was absolutely delicious and Tony loved it, too. Even though I cooked it differently than the recipe and had to substitute several of the ingredients and then added some extras, I want to thank Mari for turning me on to this tasty recipe. And I think that in honor of Mari I am going to call it Cousin Nancy's The More The Mari Stew.

After lunch, as I was dividing up the 1/2 pot of leftover soup/stew into six quart-sized Baggies, he said, "Thank you. That was a really good lunch." Then he chuckled and jokingly said, "I guess we'll be eating these leftovers for lunch, for the next five or six days, too?"

"Yes," I replied. "And by then you'll be begging me to please cook you up some cutlets."

This afternoon I checked my e-mail and sweet Eileen had sent me this note:

I told Nancy Bailey you blogged about her book & got a mutual fan comment from Fay!  She had already subscribed to your blog feed & she read it & was thrilled!  She thinks you are a cool person and can feel the energy from your blog!
So, two writers complimenting each other - that's great!!!  Eileen

Omg, Eileen's note about her good friend, Nancy J. Bailey, a super talented author, artist, actor, horse and dog trainer, etc. put a really big smile on my face and it literally made my day great, because she is one fabulous author and I can't put her book The North Side Of Down: A True Story Of Two Sisters down. 

Feeling so complimented that Eileen's friend, Nancy J. Bailey, follows my blog, I Googled her and was instantly blown away with Nancy's beautiful art. And her incredibly great watercolor Fall Trail Ride is so awesome, it blew me out of the saddle, so to speak. So I suggest that y'all Google her too, or at least check out these two links to Nancy J. Bailey: Paintings and Books.

So as I wind this up for tonight, I hope that Nancy, up there, reads this post, because she now has another big fan, from Texas.

Y'all have a great evening!


Eileen said...

When you get to pages 314 & 315, I want to hear from you! One of my fav stories in the book!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eileen! I will do that. I love the book so much and could you "pretty please" ask Nancy if I can send it to her for an autograph? Please tell her that I also want to send her a few of my books.

Nancy Bailey said...

WAY! I would love it if you would share your books with me. And of course I will be happy to sign yours. Thank you for the kind mention(s). And also, thanks for the inspiration. I made up a nice pot of hamburger soup today!

Eileen said...

I sure will! I'm sure she'd love to read you too! She already loves your blog & thinks you're cool!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Nancy and Eileen! This is great news! I'll get your address from Eileen and send the book as soon as I finish reading it. Thanks for making my day.