Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pretty Potholders!

Today has been great, mainly because it has been a beautiful, sunshiny day! Thank goodness the sun was out in full force, because if today had been another gloomy, gray day, like the others, I think I might have had to jump into Trigger, with Roy and Little Debbie and drive until we found sunshine.

New Year's Day Eileen sent me two e-mails. She wrote:

It's driving me crazy!  It's got pieces of something in it.  Onions????  Peppers?????  Healthy you said.  Dr. Pepper???  Apples????  Pineapple?????

I didn't respond, because I wanted to tease her. Then later in the afternoon Eileen sent me another e-mail and she was sounding sort of desperate. This time she wrote:

I want you to tell me if I hit on one ingredient!  Cherries?  Ginger?  Peaches?  Mango?  All healthy!  Honey?  Apple cider vinegar?  Surely tomatoes - purée, paste, sauce, petit diced!!!!  Just tell me, is it Texas style, Carolina style, Memphis style?  Or is it unique? 

I did read your blog & I do appreciate getting a batch of BBQ sauce for my birthday!  But my mouth is watering for BBQ sauce this very minute! 

Once again I didn't respond. So yesterday morning Eileen wrote me again and she asked:

Nancy, is one of these healthy BBQ sauce recipes similar to The Secret One?  If so, which one???

As I was checking out the above site, I was still chuckling about Eileen's obsession with Jim's executive chef friend's secret BBQ sauce, when Jim called me. He told me that he and Kris weren't going to make it out, because of the lousy weather. "Jim thanks for calling me. I don't blame y'all for not wanting to come out in this kind of sorry weather. But listen, we need to talk about Eileen. She's frantic and trying to figure out the late, great Chef Claude's BBQ sauce recipe." Then Jim and I started laughing about Eileen's preoccupation with the BBQ sauce recipe. Then we had a long discussion about it and made a plan. And that's for us to know and for no one else—especially Eileen. 

Before Jim and I adios-ed each other, I laughed and said, "Oh my goodness, Jim. I just realized that Eileen is really going to wind up, at the Funny Farm, making pretty potholders, when she finds out that we use Chef Claude's Secret BBQ Dry Rub recipe, before we even cook the meat!"

After we had stopped laughing, Jim quickly quipped, "I don't think we should rub that in..."

That's about it for tonight, because I am fixin' to go play my guitar and then once again watch Fried Green Tomatoes, which is one of my favorite movies and my favorite part is when they serve up the BBQ evidence.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mary Sanders said...

Nancy, I think your friend Eileen covered all my guesses. I was going to add agave, oatmeal, chopped kale and mung bean sprouts. Just kidding, but trying to cover the healthy aspect of the sauce! It's those bits of things that I see that are driving me crazy!
Was that "rub that in" comment a clue??
Enjoy your day and I'm wishing you sunshine!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mary! Those bits of things are a really big part of the delicious, secret BBQ sauce recipe. Too bad I can't tell you or Eileen what they are!

Thanks for wishing the sunshine, because it worked! It's another sunshiny day at the rescue ranch and all is good! (Knock-on-wood, of course.)

Eileen said...

Nancy, poor Mary! I guess she'll not even get any sauce to taste! Don't worry Mary, I'll let you know after I taste it

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eileen! Thanks for being such a good sport about us teasing you about the secret BBQ sauce recipe. I feel sorry for Mary, too. Since you're feeling so sorry for her maybe Jim and I should send her your secret bbq sauce sampling instead? Mary would love it and then all of us would feel better, because we'd be taking the higher road. Right?

P.S. Mary, please send me your address again!

Mary Sanders said...

Nancy, Don't send me any! I'm very anxious to taste it, but I plan on doing that when I come out to walk your dogs. This is on my bucket list and I don't want anything to make it any easier! LOL.
I'll even bring some more of my hot sauce and preserves. This coming year I'll even have fig preserves if my fig tree doesn't freeze to death again this year.
I'm thinking the healthy sauce is made from applesauce, tomatoes and honey with some kind of flaky stuff in it. It's keeping me awake nights.
Let's look to the future!

cousin nancy said...

Are you sure you don't want us to send you Eileen's sample serving, Mary? I'm sure Eileen would love for us to send you her BBQ sauce.

Tony and I are looking forward to your next visit and I can't wait for you to meet all of our great friends aka volunteers.

I have a suggestion for you since the secret BBQ sauce recipe's ingredients are keep you awake at nights. Maybe you should "hit" the sauce an hour before bed time. : )