Friday, January 16, 2015

What A Nice Surprise! or We Love You, Eileen!

Today has been great even though last night I went to bed madder than a wet hen or at least that is the best way I know of describing it.

When I had finished reading another 100 pages of Wild, I was tired and ready to go to bed, so I called the dogs to let them go outside and they all came running out of our bedroom and then went outside to take care of business.

While they were outside I went into our bedroom to fold down the sheets and to my surprise—there was another big hole, at the top of the down comforter, chewed right next to the mending I had previously done and yes, feathers were everywhere to be found.

It made me so mad I wanted to scream, but I didn't. Instead I rolled up the comforter starting at the top, to prevent any further feather-leakage. Then I tossed our cheap, all chewed up fleece blanket over the top of our bed making sure to cover up the birds-of-a-feather comforter, at the end of the bed. Then I brought our dogs back inside. And not one of them looked guilty, as they raced past me to go back into our bedroom.

Then I went down the hall to tell Tony about one of our dogs chewing up the down comforter, again. And while he was defending his dogs Beau and Belle, the dogs started barking, in our bedroom. When I went to the bedroom to see what was the matter I started laughing, because they were barking at the covered up down blanket. I guess they thought there was a person hiding underneath the cheap blanket they had destroyed months ago. After showing them the rolled up comforter, I turned off the light and we all went to bed.

The first thing I did this morning after drinking a cup of H-E-B Texas Pecan Coffee was cook breakfast for Hank. Three eggs scrambled with one pound of sausage, because Tony was fixin' to go outside to start doing the chores and I wanted him to feed Hank first.

While Tony was outside, I took a shower, cleaned up the kitchen and then I got Eileen's "No More Radiation/ No More Cancer" celebration gift sack ready, because for lunch today, the volunteers and us were surprising Eileen, to celebrate her victory with cancer, at the Medina High Point's Koyote Grill. Our small gift was a sauce pot, a sauce mop and a six pack of Guiness Harp beer.

Then I went outside to greet Eileen, Suzanne, Kris & Jim and June, our dear friends/volunteers. I had a fun visit with everyone and I introduced them to Cheryl Strayed and then reintroduced them to Hank, who Tony had told me, "He ate all of his breakfast in just a few seconds and he loved it. I wished that you had saved some for me, because I'm..."

Eileen's "No More Cancer" celebration party was a total blast! Ellen and Jim, and Pam, June and Ellen's sweet cousin, who is Ed Helms, sweet mother, also joined our celebration. Kris had gotten Creative Cakes By Sharon to bake and design a very special No Cancer cake for Eileen and it was as awesome as it was delicious. And the pretty-in-pink, plastic forks, paper plates, tablecloth and napkins, that Kris had also picked up made everything perfect. 

I have taken these pictures to capture our fun time and the reason that Tony and I gave Eileen a sauce pot and sauce mop was because, we knew in advance that Jim was going to share his friend Claude's secret BBQ sauce and rub recipes with Eileen. Which now means that only us three have these secret BBQ recipes. And to say the least when Jim handed Eileen the folder with the recipes, "She was beside herself and more than thrilled to get these recipes."

Tony and I had to leave the party around 1:45, because we needed to get back to the rescue ranch, because we had another dog coming in, from Houston. A few years ago this nice couple had rescued this stray and since then their 93 year old father-in-law had come to live with them and because he was forgetful, etc. and accidentally letting the dog out in the neighborhood, "it was only a matter of time before something really bad happened."

After we got back home, I decided to put our big dogs out in the backyard, so I could once again mend our down comforter, that has recently brought little comfort to me. To reduce the feather-spread inside The Cabin, I had already decided to do this mending, out on the front porch.

The tear that I mended was nearly twenty inches long, and before I plucked it off of our bed, to take it outside, I took these two pictures to show why the comforter had scared our dogs last night.

Don't you love all of the holes aka air vents? And it does sort of look like a person buried under the blanket.

When I finished mending the down comforter, which I've now named Downer, I took it back into The Cabin and put it inside our bedroom closet aka wine cellar. And I plan to every night put it back on our bed and then remove it every morning, to spend its time with Hazel, in the wine cellar.

At 4:24, our dogs started barking. I figured the sweet couple and Gumbo were arriving, but I was wrong.

I was writing this post, so Tony went outside first. Then I went outside to greet David and his wife, but I didn't. Instead I hugged Tony and jumped for joy!

I was thrilled! My hiking boots had arrived three days early and they fit like a glove, if anyone were to put a glove on their foot. The boots also came with an embroidered PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) patch and I plan to sew it onto one of my blue jean jackets, but not today, because I am already tired of sewing.

At 4:58, our dogs started barking, again. This time I figured the sweet couple and Gumbo were arriving and I was right. So Tony and I both went outside to greet them and to welcome Gumbo.

Gumbo is a fabulous, handsome two-year-old male dog. We love him and the kind-hearted couple who brought him to us. Tomorrow I will take pictures of Gumbo, who I've renamed Forrest Gump, because he is starting a new life adventure. And that is about it for tonight, because I plan to wear my hiking boots and plop them up on the coffee table and continue reading Wild. And btw, just so you'll know, I am removing my Nike+ Fuel Band now, because I've already I met my goal of 2,000! Life is good.

Y'all have a great evening 

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