Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Foul Play! or Beau Was Here!

Today has been great, sort of, because of some foul play last night and today. Last night when I went to bed, I fell asleep fast. Around midnight, I woke up because I was cold and Tony was snoring loudly. So I turned on the bedside birdhouse lamp and then I reached down and pulled our down comforter up, that I had neatly folded, at the end of our bed.

Please note that four days ago, I went outside to my pink, writing cabin and fetched our down comforter, that we have never used, because we specifically bought it, three years ago, to be used for our occasional overnight guests. (Rick & Leisa)

Anyway when I grabbed the comforter, it was like magic—snowflakes suddenly filled the air, in our bedroom! It was beautiful to watch, for a couple of seconds, then Little Debbie jumped into my arms, because a snowflake had fallen and was stuck on her one good eye. Then I realized that the snowflakes were feathers—DOWN FEATHERS—Beau was here.

Omg! While Tone, on the other side of the bed, made weird noises and slept through this, the feathers were floating everywhere around the bedroom—thanks to the ceiling fan. So I jumped out of bed and turned it off to stop the perfect storm. Then I went into our bathroom and looked into the mirror. My hair and pajamas were covered in small, white feathers. And when I combed my hair to try to remove the feathers—the feathers filled the air once again, before landing on the counter top, floor, towels, etc.
Knowing that there wasn't anything to do until the morning, I turned off the lights and went back to bed. And several times during the night, I would wake up to brush feathers away from my nose.

This morning Tony and I had a good laugh about last night's snowstorm, because we just can't have nice things—for very long. When I told Tony that his dog Beau had done it, he defended him, until I told him about me seeing Beau sleeping near his soon to be hole, in the down comforter. This morning, for contrast I put a navy turtleneck under the comforter to show Beau's damage.

When Tony went outside to do the chores I got busy mending the comforter and have these pictures to prove it.

Please note Beau watching from outside. And yes, I know it is time for me to Windex that window, again

After I mended it by hand and then by machine, I took it outside to shake off the feathers. Then I put it back on our bed. And please note the hole in the corner of my pillowcase.

Minutes later, I went into our bedroom and took this picture of Belle and Roy minus Beau, because I have (temporarily) banned him from our bedroom.

At 2:34 this afternoon, Tony and I went outside, because our friends Marvin and Anise, his sweet wife, that live down the road, were coming over to drop off Baby Huey, their pet rooster that needed a new home, because he was no longer getting along with their other rooster.

While Marvin and Tony carried the cage over to The Egg Palace, to set the rooster free, I had a fun visit with Marvin's wife. We mainly talked about our love for chickens, delicious free-range eggs and names that we had given to our foul friends. When Anise told me to feel free to rename their beautiful rooster, I said, "Well that's good, because I have already renamed him. His new name is Rooster Cogburn." Anise told me that she loved his new name and then we went inside the pigpen, so we could check on Rooster, inside The Egg Palace and I could take this picture of him, before we let him meet The Golden Girls.

The Golden Girls are in love with Mr. Cogburn and he seems to be very happy to be here. So all is good. And that is about it for tonight. 

Y'all have a great evening!

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