Friday, January 30, 2015

Bare Bread!

Today has been great. This morning our dear friends Kris & Jim "The Mineral Man" came out to walk dogs for us before going with us up to Koyote Grill, to eat lunch with Eileen and Lisa.

When Kris got back from taking Hank for a fun walk down to the creek, Tony and I visited with her and Jim. They complimented me on my good-looking hiking boots and then we laughed and made jokes about my blog's hiking adventures. Then Tony told them that he had ordered a couple of those inexpensive, super light-weight Opinel pocketknives, that Jim had told him about getting for him and Kris. Then Tony teased me. "Nancy, isn't good with sharp knives, so I'm not giving her one..."

During our super fun lunch we started talking about the Super Bowl game. I told them that I wasn't really interested in this years Super Bowl, because the Cowboys weren't playing in it. Then Eileen said, "I don't even know who the teams are. When is it?"

After all of us said in unison, "This Sunday." Then us girls agreed about watching Super Bowl mainly to watch the great commercials and halftime performance. Then I confessed that I was going to record the Super Bowl game while watching the movie Dean Spanley, that Mari had recommended I watch.

"Y'all," I said. "The other day I was watching Mr. Food and he made this Super Bowl Sunday dip that sounded so tasty, Tony and I drove to Kerrville so I could buy the ingredients and then make it when we got back home. And I did and it was so delicious. It was easy to make, too. The ingredients for it are corn beef, sour cream, cream cheese, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, onion, ketchup and mustard. You chop up the onion and corn beef then mix all of the ingredients together and then you bake it."

Before cooking it

When it came out of the oven

"It sounds like a Reuben Dip to me," Lisa said.

"Yes, that's what he called it. And Kris, we bought some of that H-E-B crustless whole wheat Bare Bread, that has no preservatives, flavors or artificial colors in it, that you had told us about and we made sandwiches. And they were delicious. I love that bread, too. There was so much of the dip leftover I froze most of it...."

And that is it about it for tonight. If you want to check out Mr. Food's Baked Reuben Dip recipe click here. You can watch him make it, too.

Y'all have a great evening!

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