Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Versions! or Happy Trails!

Today has been great. But tonight, to change things around, I am going to give you two versions of my day and then let you pick which one that you want to believe.

Version I

Today has been great, but nothing exciting really happened, so there is not much to tell. And because it is already past 7:00 and I want to continue reading The North Side Of Down: A True Story Of Two Sisters by Nancy J. Bailey, my blogging time has literally run out on me. And my excuse for running out of time is because I've been over at the Lodge, for the past two hours having a fun visit with Linda. 

Y'all have a great evening!

Version II

Today has been great, but this is going to be a short post, because I am exhausted from hiking the Appalachian Trail all day and my sister Cindy and me still have to build a campfire, so we can cook something for dinner. 

This morning started out great, because Cindy and I went to a national park store to buy us some trail mix, before we took off hiking. And low and behold we ran into Pam, Ellen and June's sweet cousin! And I probably would have walked right past Pam, coming out of the ladies restroom, if she hadn't been wearing one of our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch caps, because I don't have good facial recognition.

We had a fun, but short visit with Pam, because she was anxious to get back on the trail, because she was meeting Ed, her son and she didn't want to wait another thirty minutes, so Cindy and I could go powder our noses too.

Forty minutes later, when Cindy and I finally had quit powdering, we left the store with four giant sacks of M&M's instead of trail mix. We figured that if we got lost along the way we could retrace our path using the M& M's as pretty markers. 

About twenty feet from the trail, we saw this big crowd of young people standing around, talking to Kris and taking pictures of her, because they were inspired that an old woman like her was actually going to hike the famous trail! I was so shocked to see Kris. I couldn't believe that we'd just run into Pam, at the store and now Kris. "It's a small world, Nance," Cindy dryly replied.

When Kris saw us she waved at me and hollered, "If you can believe this, Cousin Nancy, over there, the short one, is the same age as me and her sister is even older!" The young hikers gasped and then turned around and stared at Cindy and me. Then they came rushing over and asked us to autograph their fancy backpacks. We agreed to do it and then I joked, "But mine will cost you $5.00 and Cindy's is free." 

After Cindy had signed her name to eleven backpacks and I had not signed one—we took off hiking on the famous Appalachian Trail.

After hiking for about forty-five minutes, my sister and I decided to take a short break, as soon as we reached the peak of the first of many mountains to come. And you're really not going to believe this, but we ran into Kris and Eileen! Yes, Eileen was there, too and she was wearing sunglasses so no one would recognize her, because she knows famous authors like Nancy J. Bailey! And after howdies and hugs we posed and Cindy took this picture of us. Then Cindy and I marched on....

And that's about it for tonight. "Cindy! We're out of M&M's!"

Happy Trails to y'all and have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, my feet are blistering from walking the Appalachian Trail vicariously with you and your sister! (You can tell which version I have to believe, right?)

Obviously I didn't buy the $$$ hiking boots. :(

How much further are 'we' going to walk? My 'dogs' are 'barking'!

cousin nancy said...

LOL, Mari! Not to worry. Before we started hiking I had secretly arranged for your sweet husband David to fly his helicopter in and pick us up, on top of the mountain, first thing in the morning. So hang in there. Your "dogs" will be fine, because they are Heelers.

And don't forget that next Saturday we will most likely be hiking the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail)!

P.S. Buy stock in M&M's!

Eileen said...

Wow, Nancy, we actually stopped at the only place on the Appalachian Trail that has a dog pen on it! I can tell by my fat cheeks that the pic was taken when I had my mouth full of M&Ms!

cousin nancy said...

So you're the one who ate all of our M&M's!

Nancy Bailey said...

I'm jealous. *I* want to walk the Appalachian Trail. *I* want new hiking boots. *I* want a mouthful of M&Ms. *I* want to astonish all the other hikers by being the oldest person out there. .............Okay. Maybe not the last part.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Nancy! I am still laughing about you being jealous. I love your book so much and I am jealous of your fabulous writing skills, so I guess that makes us even?

Until my new green, long sleeve Appalachian Trail Hiker t-shirt gets delivered to me! Keep writing and laughing.

P.S. My new Applachian Trail Hiker t-shirt should arrive by next week and I can't wait! Then I guess you'll be "green" with envy...