Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's A Sign!

Today has been great. About an hour ago, I was enjoying reading Eileen's friend, Nancy J. Bailey's book The North Side Of Down: A True Story Of Two Sisters while Little Debbie slept on my lap. Then a really cool, out-of-nowhere thought popped into my head, so I immediately picked up the phone and called my sweet sister Cindy.

After we had said our howdies to each other, I said, "You know how much I love my new hiking boots anyway, this weird thought just popped into my head. I was just thinking that it would be fun if you and I fly out to the Appalachian Trail and hike it for about an hour or two?" Needless to say, there was total silence on both ends and then we burst out laughing.

"Well Nance, I guess we could do that," she said, followed by us laughing again. "But why?"

"I am putting it on my bucket list. We could go out there for a day or two and hike the famous trail for a few miles. Then we could tell people that we've hiked the Appalachian Trail. It would be really cool."

"But I've already hiked the Appalachian Trail. Ray and I did it right after we got married when we went up north to see his family. I guess I could do it again. Why don't we hike somewhere closer?"

"It's got to be the Appalachian Trail, Cindy. Because it is so famous and we could take pictures of us standing next to an Appalachian Trail sign. Sort of like what Ronnie did when all of us went out to Red River that time. Remember us catching about ten rainbow trout and putting them on a stringer and then Ronnie changing shirts three times and posing in different places, holding the stringer different ways? So he could show all of his friends all the trout he had caught when he got back to Texas."

After we had quit laughing, I continued on, "It's the same thing as me having all of those Martin guitars in my life and people saying things to me like, "Wow, you've got a Martin. You must be really good on the guitar." And I wasn't." Then we broke out laughing again.

"Well, I think that we should think about this for a while, Nance," Cindy suggested and then she started laughing again. "Wouldn't it just be easier and cheaper if you just photo-shopped it? You know how to do that kind of stuff."

"That's a great idea! And I could also put me standing next to a sign on the Pacific Coastal Trail, too! That Cheryl Strayed hiked and Reese Witherspoon hiked on in the movie Wild...." We were still laughing about all of this when we finally adios-ed each other. Then I got busy.

Here's what I came up with and please note that I actually do know how to cut and paste using Photoshop, but time was of the essence, because I wanted to do it fast, so I could get back to reading the great book The North Side Of Down: A True Story Of Two Sisters.

Y'all have a great evening!


Eileen said...

That is totally the funniest thing I've seen in a while! I am laughing so hard over those trick photos! You're a hoot, Nancy!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eileen! Look out—you might be blogged!

Fay said...

LOL! That's funny!!

Mary Sanders said...

Nancy, I live about an hour and a half from the start of the Appalachian trail in Georgia. I love your idea and think I will outfit myself and stand by the sign like I have just finished hiking from Maine! Great idea!

cousin nancy said...

Send me pictures!