Monday, May 23, 2011

Number Two Is Number One!

Today has been great because Enzo #2 got adopted to our friends daughter and husband. The minute that Leeza and Clayton saw him they fell in love with him as quickly as Enzo #2 did with them. Enzo #2 is going to live in Bandera at a house with a big fenced-in yard that includes two sweet kids and he'll go to work with Leeza & Clayton everyday, because they own their own business.

When Kim, Leeza & Clayton drove over to the Lodge with Tony to meet Enzo #2, Kinky and I were outside brushing out #2's blown coat, over by the picnic table and his hair was flying everywhere. And it was so much fun to have Kink involved with Enzo #2's adoption because he was as thrilled as much as we were to find Enzo #2 his fantastic forever home.

Before they drove off with Enzo #2, sitting proudly in the backseat of their fancy truck, Leeza told us, "I really like his name, but am going to change it to Enzo #1 because he is going to be our number one dog."

Tomorrow is Ellen Jackson's birthday and I want to be the very first to wish her the best birthday ever and I also want to once more, wish a Happy Birthday to Karen Cares today. And I want to thank everyone who crossed their fingers for Enzo #2 because it worked.

Y'all have a great evening!

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