Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joe King Carrasco Really Rocks For Our Dogs!

Today has been great. This morning after Tony had finished his chores and I had caught up somewhat with  paperwork, we went over to the Lodge to see Kinky and to meet the German Shepherd that his friend had rescued, but could not keep.

When we arrived Kinky, Floyd and Dylan were standing outside the kitchen door watching The Friedmans interacting with the beautiful German Shepherd. "Floyd had rescued him off the streets in Houston and named him Hugo, as in you-go back home, but I think we should name him something else," Kinky said. After Dylan, Tony and I agreed that he should be renamed, Kinky says, "Let's name him Enzo Swift." After we had all agreed that we liked that name and loved the book The Art of Racing In The Rain and even though we already have an Enzo Swift at the rescue ranch we named him Enzo Swift #2.

Then we talked about Enzo #2 staying temporarily with Kinky because we are at capacity at the rescue ranch right now because of the sweet mama dog and her two pups that came in on Thursday while we were on vacation. After I told them about a friend of ours who loves German Shepherds and might consider adopting him we went home and called her. Then I grabbed my camera and went back over to the Lodge to take a few pictures of Enzo #2 and to tell Kinky that Kim was interested, but could not meet him until tomorrow after she gets off work and that her daughter might also be interested in adopting him, too. So, please keep your fingers crossed for him and in case he doesn't get a forever home tomorrow if you know someone who might be interested in adopting this great dog please ask them to call the rescue ranch.

Now for some exciting news. My friend Kim Galusha has just announced that she and our mutual friend Joe King Carrasco wants to help our rescue ranch again and they have just released the CD Joe King Carrasco - en la Ruta Maya "Concierto! Para Los Perros" which was recorded live at Ruta Maya - Austin, Texas - June 6, 2008. This benefit concert raised money to help our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch in our work of rescuing homeless and abused dogs and finding them loving safe homes. The purchase of this CD is to continue to put money back into our efforts to make the lives of these precious animals better. 50% of all U.S. sales in 2011 will go to Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch and 50% of Mexico sales will go to the Puerto Vallarta SPCA! We thank you and we love Kim and Joe King Carrasco for their continued support!

They sent us some CDs and Tony and I cannot quit playing it on our iPods. If y'all want to help our rescue ranch and enjoy some great music please check out his website: and please purchase this CD, because I know that it will help us help our dogs and that you will enjoy his music as much as we do. I love the CD's artwork too.

Tonight as I finish writing this I want to be the very first to wish our dear friend Karen Cares a Happy Birthday tomorrow and just say, "Joe King Carrasco Really Rocks For Our Dogs!"

Y'all have a great evening!

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