Monday, May 2, 2011

Music To My Ears!

Today has been nice and quiet, which makes it a great day. This morning I overslept on purpose sort of, because I didn't want to get out of bed, because our trailer's inside temperature was fifty-seven degrees and I was in bed, warmed by several blankets, with our dogs snuggling next to me. I loved it, but knowing that Tony would be coming home soon, I finally threw the blankets back, quickly dressed into my sweats and then I came into the kitchen to drink some hot coffee.

As I slowly sipped the delicious Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla coffee, out of my favorite turtle mug, I looked outside to check the outside temperature and I was totally shocked to find that it was forty-two degrees outside and drizzling! Being a native Texan—I have never seen the temperature get down to forty-two degrees in May, with the exception of the two years when I lived up in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Because it was so cold inside the trailer too, I turned on the oven to help warm up the trailer, because last month Tony had shut off the propane tank outside—that heats our trailer, because we thought we were done with winter weather.

By the time T. got back home I was cooking his breakfast and the inside temperature had only risen three degrees, so he immediately went outside to turn on the propane. An hour later the inside temperature was  sixty-eight degrees and it was still drizzling outside, thank goodness, and only forty-three degrees.

Late this afternoon around four o'clock Kinky called me from Nashville to check on us and The Friedmans and to see if we had gotten any rain. After I gave him my report he told me that he was excited to be back in Nashville and having fun. Kinky told me that he had already seen his friend B. J. Thomas, and he was looking forward to tonight's show at "3rd And Lindsley" because many of his old friends that he hasn't seen in a long time, are coming to his show tonight.

Well, that's about it for tonight, because my finger tips are tender to the touch, because yesterday, after not having played my guitar in over six months—I got it out and played it for over an hour in the kitchen. I had only planned on playing it for about thirty minutes, because my calluses had gone away, but when I stopped picking and was putting my guitar back into its case, Tone came out of his office and said, "Nance, please don't stop playing your guitar. You sound really good and I am really enjoying listening to you..." So I pulled my guitar back out of its case and played it for another thirty minutes, because of what T. had said—had made my day and was music to my ears.

Y'all have a great evening! (Right now it's sixty-one degrees outside and seventy-one inside.)


Susie said...

This weather is really odd, I live in Fort Worth close to DFW airport, and while it has been odd I am enjoying the cold temps with our hot summers right around the corner.

After having read your block for a few months, including going all the way back to the begining, I finally managed to get a google acct so I could post to your blog. As you will notice my grammer sucks as well as my spelling but I dont have a Russian teacher to blame :) . It is just me getting old and not remembering awhole lot.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Susie! Thank you for your comment and going all of the way back to the beginning of my blog and reading all of it. I love Fort Worth and you are lucky that you didn't have my teacher.

Susie said...

Not a problem, it was actually very enjoyable, it was like reading a good book. I am waiting for you to you publish your cookbook and hopefully the book I think you mentioned about a lottery ticket.

I kept telling people to come read your blogs and that you are the cousin of Kinky Friedman. After reading the entire blog I found out the error of my ways and have stopped telling people you are a blood relative of Kinky's.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Susie, Thank you very much for the kind words and I am glad that you enjoyed reading my blog. Not to worry, many people assume that we are related because of the "Cousin Nancy" moniker that was given to me back in 1987 by Kinky's and my friend Sammy Allred. In fact Sammy is the one who introduced me to the Kinkster.