Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yesterday I had so much fun with June, Eileen and Ellen. After they walked our dogs we visited outside by the barn and that is when I found out about June's and Ellen's famous cousin, Ed Helms, of The Office, and that he is going to be the host on Saturday Night Live tonight with special guest Paul Simon, which we will be watching or recording, if we go to bed earlier.

While we were talking about having famous relatives I noticed Ellen's t-shirt and started laughing. "Ellen, I love your t-shirt. Where in the world did you get it?"

"In an Alpine thrift store," Ellen said. "When June and I went out there Easter weekend. The road trip that we wanted you to come along with us..."

When Tony walked up I asked him to take a look at Ellen's t-shirt and he immediately started laughing, too. "Endangered Feces!" Then we started reading her illustrated t-shirt identifying endangered species feces such as: the Grizzly Bear, Florida Panther, Woodland Caribou, etc.

And that is when Eileen noted, "Nancy, I love reading your blog when Belle Starr-Simons vomits on you." Then we started laughing and began trading funny stories about vomit. After we exhausted ourselves, from laughing way too much, we came up to the trailer so I could return Ellen's audio book, The Art of Racing In The Rain to her and to also show them my very first "woven work of art."

I started laughing, as they tried hard not to laugh, as they stared at It and took turns complimenting me on my "woven work achievement." When one of them asked me what I was going to do with It—I burst out laughing and then they too—started laughing. "I'm either going to throw It into the trash can or warp-it-up and send It, as a joke, to my sister Cindy..." Ten minutes later T. and I adios-ed our friends and then they took off for Medina to eat lunch, before heading back home to Kerrville.

This morning when I woke up I was grinning from ear-to-ear, because this morning I had dreamed about It and I knew exactly what I was going to do with It! And I told T. about It during our breakfast. "I had a dream this morning about It and I am not going to throw It away or send It to Cindy. I'm going to give It to Kinky, as a joke, when he returns Tuesday night! I'm going to wrap It up and before I give It to Kink—I'm going to tell him that I spent a long time making his "welcome back to the ranch gift." after his long three-week tour, and that I am so proud of how It turned out..." And needless to say, "Tone burst out laughing about It.

This afternoon two very nice, upbeat women came out and made my day. They had the same name—Andrea, but they pronounced it differently as Ondrea and Andrea. They had just finished reading my first book and had come out in hopes of meeting Tony and me and to see our rescue ranch and to get me to sign their books.

The moment that I met "The Andreas" I liked them, so I invited them to go into Outer Space with T. and me and they were thrilled to be invited, which in turn thrilled me too. I had a fun visit with the two ladies and we talked about dogs and cats and our rescue ranch and while I was signing their books Tony mentioned that I had written a second book and they purchased two of them and I signed them, too. Before Tony and I gave them "The Grand Tour" I asked them if they had read, The Art of Racing In the Rain and they hadn't, so I went inside the trailer, grabbed two copies of the book and then I went back into Outer Space and gave them each a copy.

They loved Outer Space, our dogs, especially Belle Starr-Simons, our trailer, the Space Ship, my writing cabin and getting to meet all of our rescued dogs. After that The Andreas jumped into Kermit with me and he took us over to the Lodge, so I could give them a tour and then we started back, but when we saw Roy and Gabby, our donkeys, grazing, I drove over to them and stopped Kermit and then we went over and petted them and then we came home.

Before The Andreas left we went into Outer Space and T. took this picture of us. I really enjoyed their visit and I hope that they will come back to see us soon.

After they left I took a short nap with our dogs, then I went online and Googled Endangered Feces and bought a t-shirt just like Ellen's and I should have it by Thursday!

Y'all have a great evening!

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