Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dee Day!

Today has been great because of a dog that we rescued last week. Last week an elderly couple from Medina (also friends with T.) asked Tone if he could please help them with their part Catahoula / Heeler dog, Dee, because they were in their eighties and they could no longer keep up with Dee, so T. told them we would take their sweet, a little over a year old dog and promised them that we would find her a good home.

Well, today Tony kept his promise to his friends, because we found Dee a fantastic forever home! A very nice man from Bandera came out to look at our dogs, to possibly adopt one, and when he met Dee—she stole his heart and then he stole her heart and we loved it.

Before going to the trailer to get Dee's adoption papers, the man told us that he lived on a big ranch outside of Bandera and he was a caregiver for his eighty-five year old mother who loves dogs. "We already have a three-year-old Pug and a Blue Lacey that we adopted from animal shelters. Yesterday we decided to get another rescue dog because we love dogs and have plenty of the room on the ranch for another one."

After Dee's new best friend signed off on her adoption papers I took this picture of one happy Dee.

When it was time for them to leave, Tony helped put Dee in the backseat of his big, fancy Ford F-250 and we laughed when he climbed into his truck and she immediately jumped from the backseat into the passenger side front seat and sat down, and then she leaned over and started kissing the man on his cheek. Then he started the truck and they drove away to her new home.

This afternoon I was talking to Tony about how happy I was for Dee and then it hit me. "T., I think Dee is a litter mate to Callie Dean G. They are approximately the same age and they both were born in Medina. I'm going to send Eileen her picture to see what she thinks!"

When I went to my e-mail—there was an e from Eileen. She had sent me a short, hilarious dog video to watch, so I checked it out before writing to her about Dee. And I loved the funny video so much I had T. come watch it and he couldn't quit laughing either and I hope that you will check it out. I promise that you'll love it.

Y'all have a great evening!


Eileen said...

Hey, Nancy, the minute I saw Dee's picture I knew she had to be a sister to Callie Dean! Then I read the rest of your blog and discovered you thought the same thing! Do you think Tony can find out from the elderly couple who had Dee where they got her? It would be neat to see the parents. Dee looks so much like Callie - was she about the same size? I can't even imagine an elderly couple raising Callie Dean, she was so rambunctious, but maybe Dee wasn't the same way! How weird!

cousin nancy said...

Hi, Eileen! I am glad that you think Callie and Dee are sisters. I will ask Tony to talk to Margie to find out all that he can about the girls.