Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Connection To Tony!

Today has been really great, because my book, Meanwhile Back At The Rescue Ranch: The Dog Days of Cousin Nancy is now for sale as an e-book at Barnes & Noble and is also for sale on Amazon! Yeah! I am so thrilled because it was a little difficult for me to figure it all out and how to do it and that is why I truly wish that I was a computer nerd, because it has taken me months trying to figure it all out and if I was a nerd—I bet that I could have done it within an hour. Anyway, I am celebrating and please wish me luck.

This afternoon I went on FaceBook to update my page and to also make the announcement of my ebook finally coming out of the closet, so to speak. I wish that I understood FaceBook and how to navigate around, but thanks to T. he has offered to give me a lesson or two or three or...

Late this afternoon Tony and I took Belle on another short trip down to the creek and we had a blast with her and we are so proud of her for several reasons. First being, Tony leashed trained her in a matter of a few minutes and she did not mind her new connection to Tony. And we are also proud of her because she is now a swimming fool! She swims better than a fish! And lastly, she didn't vomit on me while riding in Kermit. Here is a short (less than a minute long) video of Belle swimming by the bridge to prove it and I named it The U.S.S. B.S.-S.! I hope that you enjoy watching it. And here are a few cute pictures of the girl who stole Tony's heart away from me.

I just took this picture of Belle resting tonight after her eventful day.

P.S. Kinky called today! He'll be on Imus on Monday.

Y'all have a great evening!


Fay said...

She's lovely! So clever too. Thanks for sharing!

Fay said...

Nance, that is awesome news about your e-book! I wish you much success and will spread the word for you at Route23 and on my FB
Enjoy your Sunday!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Thank you so much. Are you still on Cloud Nine about seeing Kinky and having him dedicate a song to you for your birthday. I think that is way too cool.

Fay said...

SOOOO stoked, still. What an honour to have the Kinkster recognize my beautiful boy, Kris Kristofferson, and, my Birthday, all in one fell swoop. Wow Nance, it is really amazing.
Yup. Still on Cloud Nine & loving it! Kinky ROCKS MY WORLD!