Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feel Good!

As I begin to write this, Phoebe Snow is singing "Poetry Man," on Bozo, my iPod's Bose docking system. Salty Dog, my Himalayan salt lamp, is glowing and a fake fire is pretending to burn in Old Smokey, our electric, faux wood burning stove and here is a picture that I just took of them. It's cozy and I like that.

Years ago, Tony and I bought Old Smokey, because we love wood burning fireplaces and also because  fire is a four-letter word to people who live in old trailers—they don't mix well. 

Johnny Rivers is now singing "Maybelline" and my foot won't quit tapping, next to Thunder's head, who is sound asleep. Now that the mood is set and perfect for me, I am ready to tell you about my incredibly, wonderful day.

This morning I got up real early and did my chores, because I had to walk eight miles with Leslie, because I have fallen way behind on my walking schedule, because of taking so much time off for my dental work, holidays etc. 

So far, as of today I have officially walked 1,634 miles since January 1, 2010, which is great, but not good, because I am 36 miles behind and have to make it up this month so I can reach my goal of 1,825 miles walked this year with Leslie.  

I figure if I walk eight miles for the next ten days straight—I will be able to accomplish my New Year's resolution easily. 

After walking the walk I sat down at the kitchen table with a hot cup of Yerba Mate tea and checked my e-mails. And the one that I got from our friend Kim Galusha literally made my day! Kim wrote that she and Joe King Carrasco, the "King of Tex-Mex Rock & Roll," who did a benefit for our rescue ranch in 2008, at the Ruta Maya in Austin, have put together a fantastic CD of that night's concert, and they want to give 50% of the sells of the CD to Utopia! Talk about two nice people—we love them! And, when I told Kinky about Kim's news, he was as thrilled as we were. Thank you, Kim and Joe King Carrasco!

Well, I didn't think my day could get any better, but it did—real quick—when the snail mail arrived! "There here, Nance. Joni Daniel has sent you some extra copies of Texas Animal Imprints." T. said, as he handed me her stuffed envelope, which I ripped open, because I could not wait to see my very first magazine column that I had written—in PRINT!

"Look, Tony!" I half-hollered, with excitement. "Here it is! OMG! I love the way it looks and look at the beautiful, photo collage that Mary Chavoustie did and they gave you credit for your photos, too!" Tone looked. "I love it. Thanks to Joni, I'm now a "magazine columnist" and you're a "professional photographer" with your photos in a magazine, calendar and books!..."

After I had settled down, I read the magazine from front to cover and I totally enjoyed reading all of the stories—especially the one that my friend Connie Strong wrote about our rescue ranch, titled "Life On This Side Of The Rainbow Bridge." Thank you so much, Connie—Kinky, Tony and I loved it! You are an incredibly talented writer and I teared up when I read your column about us.

When I was done reading, I picked up the phone and called Joni to thank her for sending me the copies, so I could  send them to friends. "Joni, the magazine looks beautiful and I love what Mary did and..." Before ending our conversation I told her that I was going to blog about it tonight and then I thanked her again and said,  "The cover of the magazine is absolutely beautiful and I'm going to plug your magazine, too. It is the least that I can do to thank you." 

This is the picture that I took of the cover, but unfortunately Flash Gordon, my flash on my Sony camera, decided it wanted to become a part of the beautiful cover (near the bottom) and I also accidentally chopped off the top part and sides of Texas Animal Imprints—sorry Joni. Please tell Mary Chavoustie that I didn't give it the justice that it was due, but it is still beautiful.

Anyone who would like to buy a subscription to this "feel good" bi-monthly magazine that celebrates animals and nature, please send a check or money order for $12.50 payable to :

Texas Animal Imprints
2305 S. Day Street #234
Brenham, TX 77833 

I hope that all of y'all will buy a subscription to Texas Animal Imprints to show your support for my new column, and this magnificent magazine. And, I promise that you that you will be glad that you did, because everyone at Texas Animal Imprints Truly Rocks! And, so do Joe King Carrasco and Kim Galusha! I love y'all so much!

Y'all have a great evening!

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