Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Not Going Anywhere Tomorrow!

Today has been good, but quiet, which is good, because I am now totally caught up with my paperwork, but this evening it got weird fast.

This morning, while Tony was in Medina drinking coffee with his friends—I was over at the Lodge drinking coffee with Kinky, one of my best friends. As The Friedmans (Brownie, Chumley & Sophie) took turns letting me pet them, Kinky I discussed the weather and the drought that we are now in. Then we talked about our books and future books. When Kinky started talking politics—I purposefully changed the subject to a lighter subject. "Have you ever seen the movie, "Trains, Planes & Automobiles" starring John Candy and Steve Martin? I love them and I literally cried when I found out that John Candy had died."

"I knew John Candy," Kinky said, as I choked on my coffee from his remark. "I liked John, but I never saw that movie..."

"I love that movie so much! It is one of my favorite movies of all times. I'll loan it to you. You've got to watch it, maybe when Marcie is here..." Before leaving the Lodge, Kinky accepted my invitation to eat breakfast with us. Then I came home.

While I was in the midst of cooking breakfast—T. returned from Medina. Fifteen minutes later, we were over at the Lodge eating eggs, bacon and biscuits with Kinky and the men cleaned their plates, which made my day!

This afternoon Buttermilk took us to Kerrville, so I could mail out another ton of letters and for us to go to Home Depot to buy some boards, because I'm fixin' to build another bookcase tomorrow, for my over- crowed office.

This evening when I went to check my e-mail I became a little bit alarmed when I saw the headline on Yahoo about two major celestial events happening back to back tonight and tomorrow, so I clicked the button Who Knew? to learn more about the full moon eclipse tonight and the moon being a coppery red color, instead of black & white, and tomorrow being the Winter Equinox and it being the shortest day and longest night of the year and the beginning of Winter.

After watching the short, but informative video, I read about tonight's meteor shower, so I started worrying about planetary things. When T. came into the kitchen I said, "Tone, you're not going to believe this. I think the sky is falling—sort of, because right now we are under the influence of a Full Moon, Mercury is in retrograde and tonight we are having a full, 72 minute and 22 seconds, eclipse of the moon that is going to be a reddish color, along with a meteor shower and tomorrow is Winter Solstice!" Tony started laughing, as he filled his drinking glass with cold water from the water cooler. "Tonight and tomorrow are going to be really weird. I promise you and..." After T. took a sip of cold Ozarka water, he hugged me, while he shook with laughter.

"Don't worry about it, Nance. Everything is going to be okay. I promise."

"Well, I am worried," I said, as he casually strolled down the hallway to his office. "I'm not going anywhere tomorrow!" I half-hollered, so he would hear me—and I'm not.

P.S. Our great volunteers, Ellen just sent this to Eileen and she just sent it to me. It is short and the cutest, goat video titled, A Giggle With The Goats—Jingle Bells Holiday Performance! I promise it will make you laugh. I love goats!

Y'all have a great evening! (If you can.)


Eileen said...

Nancy, here's something to try to keep from being weirded out tonight due to the celestial influences we will experience: In Mexico some women (mainly pregnant ones) pin safety pins to their clothes during an eclipse of the sun when they have to go outside. This is to ward off any ill effects to their unborn babies and to themselves. It might just work with this lunar thing tonight - it can't hurt ... unless you forget to close one!

cousin nancy said...

Hi, Eileen! Thanks for the info and warning and for making me laugh out loud! I don't have any safety pins—would paper clips work?