Saturday, December 18, 2010


Last night before I started writing my blog, I checked my e-mail. I received a note from Carol and it made me chuckle when I checked out this picture, because I've never seen a pretty, pink pair of welding gloves. Carol wrote: "Just had to brag! James got these for me today. He takes good care of his help!"

After showing Carol's pink welding gloves to Tony, I started writing my blog and the weirdest thing happened right after I posted it—thanks to Mercury in retrograde. As soon as I posted it, Tony immediately read it on his computer and he laughed a few times, as I copied and pasted it and filed it away on my desktop. Then I reread it on the computer, like I always do after I post a new blog, so I can try to catch any spelling or grammar errors that I missed. And, I found one—a really big one!

The fourth paragraph up from the bottom was suddenly missing-gone-disappeared, causing the next paragraph and the story to make no sense at all, so I quickly opened up the file, that I had just saved to my desktop, to see if I had somehow deleted that paragraph where Tony asks me to buy some Static Cling, because he keeps getting shocked outside, and it was right there—in black & white—I had not deleted it. So I copied and then pasted the paragraph back into my blog and reposted it. 

After I checked to make sure the paragraph was back on page where it belonged, I clicked my comments folder and I had one new comment from Mari, of the NoMads. Mari wrote:

"Now I'm not complaining, mind you, but I'm going to have to ask you to "bridge the gap" between the paragraph that begins "on our way home" and the paragraph that follows. 

It could be that age has also affected my comprehension, not just my memory, but I really want to find out for sure, so please help me, Obewan Nancy - you are my only hope." After laughing at what Mari had written, I posted her a comment to tell her that it was now fixed and I was blaming Merc. Then I went and told Tony about the paragraph suddenly missing and he told me that it was there when he read it.

Today has been great. This morning after walking eight miles with Sansone and her friends inside the trailer, I checked my e-mail. My new friend, Joni Johnson Daniel, the Publisher for "Texas Animal Imprints" magazine wrote to tell me that Texas Animal Imprints new web site is now up, so I checked it out and it looks fantastic and it has a page that allows you to download older issues of the magazine in PDF, so you can read them. 

A little after three o'clock, T. and I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and his friends, Rambam, Frank and Brian Kanof, the talented, professional photographer from El Paso. And it was a fun visit, especially for Tony, because he beat Brian in two games of pool. The Medina Bulldog Rules!

Y'all have a great evening!

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