Thursday, December 30, 2010

Too Much Fun!

Tonight's blog is going to be very short even though I have so much to tell, because I've decided to take a mini-vacation from the rescue ranch and my blog, starting tonight through Sunday, so I can rest and relax with our great friends and also try to get a little writing done on my next book.

Last night Tony and I went to Patty's and Peggy's fabulous dinner party, at Peggy's and Carlos' beautiful home in Kerrville, and we had a total blast! The food was absolutely delicious and we really enjoyed meeting P&P's lovely family and their interesting guests.

For dinner, Patty surprised everyone, by earlier, having flown in fifteen pounds of fresh Stone Crabs from Florida and they were mouthwatering to say the least! Since Tone and I had never eaten Stone Crabs before—we over ate, but so did everyone else too—thank goodness!

Unfortunately, we were the first to have to leave P&P's to much fun, festive party, because we had to get back to the rescue ranch. And I want to thank Patty and Peggy for the best dinner we've eaten and the best party we've attended in 2010! We had a total blast and we love y'all!

Because we got home late I didn't blog last night, because we went straight to bed.

This morning I got up real early and did my morning chores, "The Harley Show," walked ten more miles and then cleaned the trailer, while our great friends Rick and Leisa were driving up from Port Aransas to help us bring in the New Year tomorrow night. And it has been non-stop fun since they arrived around two-thirty! And Ben is coming out to the ranch tomorrow and we can't wait to see him!

Y'all have a great New Year's Eve!

P.S. The ranch is officially closed now until January 3rd—unless, of course you want to come out to adopt one of our super dogs. If so, please call ahead to make an appointment, before coming out. Happy New Year to All! I know 2011 is going to be a great year, because Mercury in retrograde ends tomorrow—at midnight! Yeah!

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