Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mari Called!

Today has been a lot of fun thanks to our good friends Jon Wolfmueller and Mari, the famous member of the best dog agility training team in Texas—The NoMads.

This morning I walked eight miles with Sansone and then I went outside and helped Marvin, our newest super volunteer—pick up dog poop, while Tony fed all of the dogs. Before Marvin left he thanked me for loaning him my copy of the book, Farewell, My Subaru by Doug Fine. Like me, he thought it was a fun read and filled with good information about "going-green."

After Marvin left I came inside the trailer to check my e-mail. Mari had sent me an "e" about wanting to meet up with us in Kerrville today, so she could loan me her copy of the movie "lovely, still" starring Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn—two of my favorite actors. So, we decided to meet at Wolfmueller's Books at two o'clock for the exchange.

We left the rescue ranch at one o'clock with two copies of the November / December issue of Texas Animal Imprints magazine, so I could give one to the Wolfmuellers and one to Mari. As we crossed the Echo Hill cattle guard— Pumpkin and Pilgrim began howling loudly in the back seat, because they did not want to get spayed and neutered and their shots.

The friendly staff at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic instantly fell in love with P&P, but "the terriers" were not exactly happy to see us leave the clinic at ten minutes till two.

When T. and I walked into Wolfmueller's crowded bookstore, Jon greeted us and then said, "Mari called. She will be here in just a few minutes." Then I gave him a copy of Texas Animal Imprints and we talked about it. "Nancy, this is one good looking magazine," he said, as he thumbed through it. "Why don't y'all sit down, so we can visit."

In no time flat, we were laughing in our chairs, as we shared our latest news. Then Jon left us and took off. Seconds later he returned with a book, "Nancy, Sandy just got this cookbook in yesterday and we think that you are going to love it..."

The second that I saw the book I said, "I want to buy it." After paying Jon for it, I sat down and started checking out the cool recipes and then Mari walked in. "Hi, Mari! It is so good to see you." After greetings, she handed me one of her favorite feel-good movies—"lovely, still."

"I promise that you are going to love this movie. It was a sleeper," Mari said, and then we discussed the movie. Minutes later our conversation turned to our favorite recipes in the Easy Soup Recipes. "My favorite recipe so far is "The Blue Norther Winner," Mari said. 

"It's our favorite, too," I said. "And it is so easy to make."

"I know," Mari said. "Today, my brother-in-law Danny and four of his work crew were over at the ranch, so I fixed them the "The Blue Norther Winner" on page 131 and they went crazy over it and they each ate three servings of it! There was nothing left! It was amazing to me. In fact, Danny was so impressed with the delicious meal, that I had to promise him that I would get his wife a copy of the cookbook. Jon, I need to buy two more copies of it. I love that cookbook."

"You can't," John said, with a laugh, which caused a chain reaction of laughter. "We're out, again, thanks to Cousin Nancy's blog, but Sandy has some more ordered and they should be here by tomorrow." Then I noticed Mari staring at the book in my hand.

"Mari, I just bought this cookbook and you are going to love this one, too!" I said, as I showed it to her. Then we started thumbing through the pages to look at the pictures and the recipes.

"Jon, I want to buy this one, too," Mari said. John started laughing.

"You can't." Jon said, again. "Nancy just bought the only copy that we have, but we can order you one." And then our laughter filled the crowded bookstore, as my back began to ache from laughing too much.

"I knew it!" Mari declared, as we chuckled non-stop. "Nancy, I am going to go broke keeping up with your daily blog recommendations!" She joked. "Seriously, I just mailed out a check for a subscription to Texas Animal Imprints magazine, because of you." Jon, Tony and I couldn't quit laughing as Mari, who I think is "The Funniest Woman In Texas," jokingly told us about how much she has spent buying the things I like.

"Maybe you can write them all off?" I teased, as Jon went to the counter to check out another happy customer who found another rare book. "Maybe like a living expense or something like..."

"Nance, we need to leave and get back to the ranch," Tone said, as he stood up. Even though he was right, I hated to leave our good friends, Jon and Mari, but he was right—we needed to get back to the ranch, so we took off.

On our way home I couldn't quit reading my new, fabulous cookbook, which Mari doesn't have, yet. Sorry, Mari. I promise that you will love it when you get it!  : ) 

When we got home I decided to walk another four miles with Leslie Sansone, but Tone didn't think it was a good idea, so I had to explain it to him. "T., if I walk twelve miles today and twelve miles tomorrow and the next day—I will be caught up. It is no big deal," I said, as Leslie's four mile tape began. As I started walking in place, Tony went outside to check on our dogs.

Today, I have walked twelve miles. The miles that I have officially walked this year so far is 1,646 miles and I only have to walk 179 more miles before the New Year and I know I can do it.

Before I go watch Mari's favorite movie "lovely, still" I have one last thing to share. Today on Yahoo they have posted the 100 Top Most Popular Baby Names for this year and unfortunately, Kinky's, Tony's and Cousin Nancy did not make the list. How sad. I wonder why?

P.S. Tomorrow morning James Dean, our precious little Chihuahua is getting adopted!

Y'all have a great evening!

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