Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our 2010 Mixer Party!

Tony and I had the best Christmas day ever—thanks to our great friends: Ellen Jackson, Eileen Gotke, June Hartley & her cute mother-in-law Eileen, Kinky & his sweet sister Marcie and Lisa Free!

A little after ten yesterday morning the dogs outside started barking, to let us know that some of our "Best Volunteers in Texas" had arrived to help us prepare and serve our dog's their annual Christmas dinner, which by the way—they also paid for.

When Eileen and June got out of the car, wearing their red and white Santa caps—Tone and I chuckled, because they had put us in the Christmas spirit, and then we went out to greet everyone. A few minutes later they came inside the trailer to volunteer their services and that's when our fun, 2010 Mixer Party commenced—filled with nonstop laughter. Here is a picture of June and Eileen, with T. in the background getting the electric drill ready and the next picture June took of us in the festive mood.

After T. self-appointed himself as today's chef for our dogs he began sweetly, barking out orders to us like, "Y'all divide up the eggs in the five buckets. Okay, now add the cheese. That's good. Now, add the olive oil. Now let me mix it up." We women stood back and watched in amazement as Tony proudly mixed up the food. And please note: Eileen—who lent him a hand.

Then T. tells me, "It's your turn now, to mix it up with the drill"—and I was scared to death, when I turned on that big drill and June luckily caught that "Kodak Moment" of me looking like a total idiot! I guess that you could say it was another one of those "Jaw Droppin'" experiences for me.

Then we took turns adding the stuffing into the buckets and then the ground turkey, which to me was messy. Then "Chef T." announces that it was Eileen's turn to mix-it-up and Eileen took her job serious. She put her head down and went to mixin'. And she did a good job too, as we watched, joked and giggled.

As the hot dinner rolls baked in the oven for the dogs, Chef T. filled the buckets with the hot mixed vegetables, and then he says, "Okay, June it is your turn." And she moseyed over and Cowboyed Up and did a great job, too, as Tony and our Hank—The Cow Dog stood back and supervised. 

When our dog's dinner was mixed, June turned off the drill and then I pulled the hot dinner rolls from the oven, put them in a bucket and covered them with a dish towel to keep them warm and then we left the trailer to go serve our rescued dogs their feast—fit for a king. Here is another picture that June took, of Lucy and Rocky sweetly enjoying and sharing their holiday dinner and then Eileen took this picture of June "Dishing it out."

Feeding our dogs was a blast for me and thanks to our wonderful volunteers, that we can never thank enough for all that they do—I laughed so much yesterday, that my back began aching, because of their nonstop, witty wisecracks and hilarious humor. Here are a few more pictures that June took of us and this is where I need to thank June's husband Kevin, for taking the time to send them to Ellen and then Ellen taking the time to forward them on to me. Thank y'all so much! I love the pictures!

After June had shot Eileen and me with our empty food buckets, she shot Tony sitting in Mr. Rogers' and Miss Dee's pen, probably contemplating his Bucket List, as he waited for those two to finish eating their delicious holiday dinner. 

After we had fed all of our dogs, Ellen, Eileen, June and her sweet mom-in-law bid us farewell and went home to spend Christmas with their family. And I want to thank Ellen for all of the cookies she baked for us. They are delicious and Kinky and Marcie especially loved the ones on the pretty platter!

Speaking of Kinky and his sister—they came over around one o'clock and they ate our lasagna holiday dinner with us and it was a lot of fun, with more nonstop laughing—and my back was aching so much, I had to take two baby Aspirin for it. And before they headed back over to the Lodge, they told me they loved my dinner, as did Tone.

 I was so happy I didn't think my day could get any better, but I was wrong as usual, because Lisa showed up with a sweet potato pecan pie and some beautiful pink flowers for me. And Tony and I had a really fun visit with her as we caught up with each others news. She told us that she is happy and still madly in love with "Mark From Mississippi" and that life was good, which made T. and me happy to hear. 

Today has been great, too. This morning, before I helped Tony with his chores outside, we went over to the Lodge and had a fun visit with Marce and Kink. And when I gave him his letter that was enclosed in Tony's and my holiday card from Karin Pohlmann, my new friend from Germany, to read—it made his day—in fact he read it out loud to us in the kitchen and then he asked me all about Karin and her husband Jurgen. 

Late this afternoon, Buttermilk took me back over to the Lodge once again, so I could have a fun visit with Sage & Dylan Ferrero, Marcie and Kinky. 

It is now nearly twenty-seven minutes past nine o'clock and I need to hit the hay. I want to thank all of our wonderful friends who have made this holiday season so great for T. & me and our dogs. I love all of you!

Y'all have a great evening!

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Roger Peach said...

Looks like a really good Christmas! This is Mr. Rogers and Miss Dees second Christmas dinner, I think Dec. 11th was the date they arrived last year......still miss those two, but you and Tony taking them and the fact that they are safe and well cared for was our Christmas present last year.
Thank you, Nancy, Tony and Kinky for being the only rescue who would take these two wonderful dogs.