Saturday, December 4, 2010

In The Spirit!

Reader Beware! This is a long one, but I promise to write a short one tomorrow night, because I am going to another Drumming Circle at The Yoga Space tomorrow afternoon and I also have to start writing my second column for Texas Animal Imprints magazine!

Today has been one fun and exciting day. The Boy Scouts of America, Pack #135 came out and we rescued Zeus!

This morning I got up real early and did my morning chores, so I could walk another twelve miles, but my body said, "No. It ain't happening. Not today." So, instead of walking, I did some paperwork before going outside to meet nine of the coolest Boy Scouts in Texas. When they arrived I first introduced myself to their smiling faces and then I asked each Boy Scout to tell me their names.

After I met Josh, George, Kameron, Ben, Darren, Ian, William, Garyn and Kash (And their names are not misspelled.) I gave them a tour of our rescue ranch and our dogs enjoyed meeting the cute kids as much as the scouts did. We ended the tour at the pigpen and the boys could not wait to go inside and pet our precious pigs, so we went inside. It was a lot of fun watching some of the boys pet a pig for their very first time.

When the pig petting was done we took our dogs for a long walk to Wallace Creek and everyone seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Before the Boy Scouts loaded up in the vehicles, to go home I said, "I want to thank all of y'all for coming out today to walk our dogs. And, I want you to know that you did a great job and we would love for you to come back. We thank you and our dogs thank you. Troop 135 Rocks!"

Around two-thirty Tony took off for Medina to buy some feed and while he was gone, the dogs started barking outside to let me know that Zeus was here! So, I went outside and waved at the fancy, black SUV, and then I took off to go meet Zeus, who had arrived on time as planned!

When I reached the vehicle I looked inside and melted the second I looked into Zeus's beautiful eyes. Then a nice, teary-eyed, older woman got out of her car to talk to me before leaving Zeus, a very sweet, nine-year-old Pit Bull, in our care.

Zeus looked pretty stressed-out inside the car as the woman gave me Zeus' medical papers, his bed and blanket and some dog food. Then I jumped into Kermit and they followed me in her car, down to the large puppy pen next to Ruth Buzzi and Chuck Norris. "Until Tony gets back from town we need to put Zeus in here." I explained. "We want Zeus to be pen mates with Lois Lane, down there in the big pen by our trailer, but first Tony and I have to take them on a long walk to make sure they like each other."

After the woman said goodbye to Zeus, she thanked me and then promised me that she was going to try really hard to find him a home, because he was such a great dog. "Please call me first, if anyone wants to adopt him, because I will see if we can take him back. As soon as my friend gets back to the U.S. I think that she might adopt Zeus, because he has stayed with her a few times and she loves him. He is a great dog."

As she drove away, I watched Zeus' heartbreak as he stared quizically after her car—it broke my heart, too and made me tear up. "Don't worry old boy," I said, as he stared down the road, towards the ranch's gate entrance. "Everything is going to be okay. I promise you that and Zeus..." As I walked back to the trailer I wondered if Zeus had heard or understood anything that I had said to him.

When T. got back home we went to see Zeus. Of couse, Zeus looked sad, but he wagged his tail at us, like he was glad to see us. Tony then went inside the puppy pen and talked to this handsome, magnificent homeless dog as he petted him and again, I teared up.

When we left Zeus, we decided that it was best for Zeus to stay in the puppy pen until tomorrow, so we could take him and Super Man's girlfriend for a longer walk and also because we would have all day tomorrow to be outside to watch them interact together to make sure they were meant to be best friends.

A little before dark, I went outside and Kermit took me down to Zeus' pen. "Hey, buddy. I brought you a special treat, since you missed out on our Thanksgiving dinner for the dogs. Do you like turkey, Zeus?" Zeus said, nothing, but I could tell by how fast his tail was wagging that he loved white turkey meat, so I opened up a baggie full of white meat and then began feeding him some of Tony's and my leftover turkey. Needless to say—Zeus gobbled it all up and that made me feel a lot better.

This evening Tony and I went into Outer Space for Happy Hour and we had a blast, because of our custom made, talking Christmas tree with the flashing lights! Which leads me to ask this question: Guess who has the coolest Christmas Tree in the Universe? And the answer is: We do! And yes, I am bragging—thanks to our great friends Cheryl and Walt!

Yesterday, just as T. and I were fixin' to go to Medina and Kerrville to run errands, we had a surprise visit from Cheryl and Walt. After howdy's and hugs they told us that they had some Christmas gifts for us and then Walt opened their car's rear hatch and pulled out something big, that was covered up by a black plastic bag—"We hope that you like it," Cheryl said. "Walt and I made you a custom Christmas tree for Outer Space!" Then Walt quickly removed the plastic cover and Tone's and my jaw dropped at what we saw. I was speechless for a few seconds, for one of the very first times in over fifty-nine years.

"OMG!" were my first words. "It is absolutely beautiful! I love it. Y'all made this for us?"

"Yes, because we love y'all," Cheryl said, as she pulled out a gigantic gift bag. "And this is for y'all, too. It is not much—just a few more presents and the tree ornament boxes that we bought from a Hallmark store. We hope you like it."

For the second time, within a minute, I was speechless again, because I was thinking, "Not much? That pretty, gigantic gift sack is so full—T. and I could take it to the mountains and live in it."

 After Tony took the "Coolest Christmas Tree In The Galaxy" into Outer Space, we had a short, but fun visit with Walt and Cheryl. Unfortunately, because time was of the essence, I apologized to them for us having to take off and then I thanked them for the gift filled sack and told them that we would open up their presents when we got back home.

Right before they left I noticed Cheryl's pretty boots that she was wearing. "Cheryl, I love your boots. Are those Justin Gypsy boots?"

"Yes, I love them!" Cheryl said, as she lifted up her jeans to show me the blue tops. "They are the most comfortable boots that I have ever worn and I got them because of you and your pink boots." The four of us started laughing.

"They are so beautiful. I love the color!" I said. "Tone, I want a pair just like these for Christmas. Okay?" Walt looked over at T. and they started laughing and then Cheryl and I burst out laughing. Before Cheryl climbed into their car to leave, I said, "Cheryl, thank you and Walt so much. I want you to know that y'all have just made my day and put me in the spirit of Christmas. After goodbyes and hugs they drove away and so did we.

After running several errands in Medina and then in Kerrville, we went to H-E-B for gas and groceries. Tony let me out at the front door, so he could go fill up Buttermilk. As I started to enter the grocery store with my empty shopping cart I was startled when a grocery cart suddenly, but softly cut me off and when I looked up I saw it was our good friend Steve from Bandera. "I'm sorry, Cousin Nancy. When I saw you, I just had to do it." Steve said, and then we started laughing and caught up with each others news. Within the next fifteen minutes, I ran into our good friend and neighbor, Don Dickerson and we had a nice visit, and then minutes later I ran into our friend Cindy Flores and I had short, but fun visit with her.

As I was cruising down isle nine I heard a friendly voice say, "Hey, Cousin Nancy!" It was D&D aka David and Desiree Farrar, our good friends that adopted our wild soccer playing wild hog—David Beckham and who own and operate Kerrville's popular B&B cabins—The Trails End Guest House!

I love Desiree and David, so I quickly pulled my cart over to the side and parked it next to their shopping cart and we started visiting. Within seconds the three of us were laughing so loudly, people began staring at us, as we caught up with each others latest news. At one point during our more than fun conversation, David gave me his latest Beckham update. He told me a heartwarming story about the adorable, little, orange and black colored, wild hog that we rescued years ago—who now weighs over seven-hundred pounds. The story nearly made me tear up and I am going to ask David to write down the story, so I can share it with y'all.

Before goodbyes and hugs David told me about his upcoming hands-on cooking classes to be held on the last three Saturdays in January. I was so excited to hear about it, I pulled out my checkbook and immediately signed up right then and there, because this guy can sure cook. "I know that Tony is going to be upset with me for taking off and being gone on three Saturdays in a row, when we have our Open House at the rescue ranch, but I know that he will be glad that I did, because he'll eat it up. I can't wait!"

After we left H-E-B, we went to Hoegemeyers to pick up P&P (Pilgrim and Pumpkin) and as we were leaving the clinic—Peggy, the other half of P&P walked into the clinic wearing a big smile on her face. After hugs and a short visit she told us that she was there to pick up Smelly Cat and we started laughing. "We sure enjoyed y'all's visit the other day and please tell Patty that we already miss her and we can't wait for her to move here," I said, before we walked out of the clinic with two happy spayed and neutered dogs in our crate.

When we got home I checked my e-mail and smiled and then I laughed out loud when I read Ellen Jackson's sweet, but funny note. I love her sense of humor.

"Hey, Nancy and Tony,
The Kerrville crew wants to underwrite Christmas dinner for all the little pen pals at the rescue ranch. We don't want Canada to get ahead of us. We would like to come help serve, too.
Ellen, June and Eileen"

I love Ellen, June and Eileen and I think that it is so awesome for them to offer to help us out again. I seriously don't know what our rescue ranch would do without these three dedicated women. I wrote Ellen back and told her how much we would love for them to underwrite our dog's Christmas dinner and help us serve the dogs on Christmas day and how much fun it will be having them here with us on Christmas day and that it would make our Christmas. Thus begins "The Texas vs. Canada Friendly-Food-Fight!" And the cool part is everybody wins! I love it. Thank y'all so much!

After I got off of the computer Tony and I opened our many presents from Cheryl and Walt and we were thrilled with their thoughtful gifts. Besides getting their beautifully, custom decorated Christmas tree they gave us a halogen colored wheel light projector for our tree, some pretty holiday dish towels, a gorgous chili wreath, a big box of gourmet, holiday doggie treats, boxes of healthy Celestial teas, pinion pine incense, which is my favorite incense, along with the empty Hallmark ornament boxes to store the ornaments in.

The ornaments that adorn our tree are so precious and perfect for Outer Space. The ones that they picked out for our tree are Hallmark's "Marvin the Martian," Buzz, "Light Year," "Starship Christmas," "E.T. the Extra Terrestial," "Robot Parade," "Magic," "Delta Flyer" and "The Jetsons!" Thank you, Cheryl and Walt! We love them and y'all, and I can't wait to show our spaced-out-tree to Kinky!

Early this evening I took this picture of their gifts by the beautiful Christmas tree.

When it got nearly dark outside I took this picture of our lovely Christmas tree with it's talking and flashing lights Christmas ornaments, before we came inside from Happy Hour. Isn't it out of this world! 

P.S. I forgot to tell you that Cheryl and Walt loved my new teeth and so did Desiree and David! And it made me smile.

Y'all have a great evening!

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