Monday, November 29, 2010

Peggy Has A Poop Problem!

Last night after I posted my blog I sat down and watched Hallmark's new holiday movie, "Christmas In November" and I loved it. Sam Elliott starred in it, who I think is one of the sexiest men on the planet, and his performance was outstanding. Even though I teared up several times while watching it—the surprise ending blew me out of my saddle. And, I plan to go to the Hallmark store in Kerrville tomorrow and buy a copy of it.

After the movie ended I channel surfed and found myself getting a little depressed, because there are so few television shows on anymore that are happy or are about love, so I am now seriously considering turning in my Direct TV receiver and just watch my collection of upbeat, romantic movies or comedies. Why should I pay for two hundred channels that I would never watch, because they are either depressing or filled with violence. This morning I talked to Tony about it during our breakfast.

"Tony, it is fine with me to keep your receiver, so you can watch your sports shows, but I am going to return my receiver, because..."

"Before you do that, why don't you try turning the television off for a few days, to make sure you can do without it?" Tone suggested. "Your favorite show "Men Of A Certain Age" new season starts next Monday night and you love watching the Weather Channel and The Wonder Years,  The Golden Girls and..." When he was done talking, I decided to rethink my decision some more.

This morning when I went outside to help T. clean the dog pens I was nicely surprised to see Marvin here. "Howdy, Marvin!" I half-hollered, because he was busy cleaning Hank's and Lois Lane's pen. "Thank you, for coming out!..." Then I grabbed a yellow colored bucket and the pooper-scooper from the back end of Kermit and then I started cleaning up dog pens as Tony fed the dogs.

Around two o'clock as planned, June, one of our great volunteers, showed up with her nice friends Ron and Mary, from Mason, who were thinking about adopting a dog from us. So, after introductions June, Tony and I gave them a tour of the rescue ranch and introduced them to all of our dogs.

When the tour was over Ron and Mary, who I really liked, had narrowed down their choices to Hank, Lucy and Gracie—all three super, great dogs. And, guess who got adopted—Hank! June, Tony and I were thrilled for him and we couldn't quit telling Mary and Ron what a great dog Hank was and how much we loved him! After Ron signed Hank's adoption papers, we shook hands with June's super friends and then I kissed Hank goodbye and wished him luck with his new forever home and then our good friends P&P showed up!

Because I was starting to tear up, because I loved Hank so much and knew that I would miss him terribly, but at the same time feeling happy for him to have found such a great home, I starting walking off towards the trailer to greet Peggy and Patty and half-hollered back, "Thank you, June! It was nice meeting you, Mary and Ron, and thank y'all so much for adopting Hank!"

By the time I reached the trailer I was okay. "Howdy, Patty and Peggy! Thank y'all so much for coming out. I am so glad to see y'all. How in the world have y'all been?" Then we went into Outer Space, so we could have a hen party before Tony joined us.

At one point during our fun conversation Peggy tells me about her old, gray cat dying and then a few days later, a little, young stray, gray colored cat appearing on her and her husband's doorstep. "I named him Smokey, but I should have named him Smelly Cat, because after my husband, Patty's Dad, went back into the hospital, he started pooping all over our house. In the hallway, the bedrooms—everywhere. I don't know what to do with him. It's horrible and it stinks really bad. We've never had a cat do this and he is neutered. We can't figure out what is wrong with him." We all started laughing about Peggy and her husband's stinky predicament.

"Peggy, I bet it is because he is upset and stressed out, because y'all's routine changed. I bet when your husband comes home and things return to normal he will stop pooping everywhere," I said, as Tone walked in Outer Space. After he greeted them, I said, "Tony, Peggy's got a poop problem." We all laughed and then Peggy told T. about her cat with the poop problem.

Then Patty, who I think is the funniest woman to live in Florida, told us about her fun trip to Cleveland to see the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum. "It was totally awesome and I love Cleveland. It is a great city...." Then she reaches into a gift sack and hands me a baby blue embroidered cap that she bought for me at the cool museum which I plan to wear only on very special occasions. Then Patty pulls out another present for me—a Bota Box of vintage fine wine 2009—Pinot Grigio, so I suggested we drink some to celebrate being together and then I went inside the trailer to grab some glasses.

"Girls, these are my new Pier One, four dollar a piece glasses. I bought four," I jokingly bragged, as Tone popped open a cold beer. After half-filling our drinking glasses with sparkling wine we toasted: "To life! To Us!"

Then we talked about chickens and the chicken coop that I am fixin' to build, Patty's new iPad, Doug Fine's book Farewell, My Subaru and the books that Patty had found and bought at Sandy and Jon's Wolfmueller's Books store, her dear friend Brenda, who I can't wait to meet, George Strait and the 90's movie, "Pure Country," and lastly—we talked about my new teeth.

Around five fifteen, after Peggy had tried on my new Justin Gypsy boots and declared that she loved them and was going to go buy herself a pair, they told me that they needed to leave, so they could get back home before it got dark. I totally understood, but hated to see them leave, because they are two great women. In fact, today I told Peggy, "Peggy, you are such an inspiration to me. Seriously, I hope that when I or if I get to be your age that I am at least as half as cool as you are."

After hugging and saying goodbye to P&P, I came inside the trailer and called Kinky. "Kinky! Hank got adopted to a great home this afternoon. June brought her friends out and ..." Kinky was thrilled to hear my great news about Hank finally finding his fantastic forever home with June's friends. I hope that it works out for Hank and Ron and Mary's dog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Y'all have a great evening! (And, Patty, I hope that you have a safe flight tomorrow. See y'all after Christmas and please tell Brenda that I said, "Howdy!"


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, you might try watching the movie "Lovely, Still". You will LOVE it!

I have a copy to loan you!

Roger said...

Hank had such a close call with the grim reaper, He's lucky to be here. Thanks to all of you at the Ranch and a little help from some friends, He has his day!
Good Luck Hank!