Friday, July 17, 2009

It's German!

Today has been a great day! After I fed our dogs and Lucky, I checked my e-mail, and was thrilled when I saw that I had received an e from D&D over at the Trail's End Guest House! After reading Beckham's Tale, Part II, I immediately posted it, because I loved it, and I could not wait to share it with y'all!

After breakfast, I walked four fast miles with Les, and then Hazel and I cleaned the trailer. As soon as it looked like Tony and I definitely didn't live here—Hazel went into the closet to rest. I wanted to go with her, but I had too many things to take care of—like paperwork and returning phone calls.

Around nine-forty-five, while Jim, our great dog-walking volunteer, was busy walking our dogs, my dear friend, Bob Wightman, showed up to adopt Rowdy aka Roxie, the sweet little Min Pin, that he had brought his friends, D.J. and Barbara, out to see last week! When he arrived, we went into Outer Space, so he could fill out the adoption form.

As soon as Bob had signed on the dotted line, he said, "I'm changing her name to Heidi—it's German. What do you think?"

"I love it, Bob! It's a great name for her." Bob and I visited for about twenty minutes, in the screened in porch, then we left Outer Space, to go get Heidi, so he could take her to her new forever fabulous home! While T. and Bob visited, Tone attached Heidi's dog tags onto her new, purple dog collar, that the NoMads had donated to us awhile back. Then Tony went to Heidi's pen, put her pretty collar on her, and then he handed her over to Bob. I don't know who was the happiest—Bob or Heidi! Bob couldn't wait to take her home, and she couldn't wait to get out of here! After handshakes and hugs, Bob and Heidi happily took off for home, and that really made my day!

After they had left the rescue ranch, I returned to the trailer to prepare the adoption paperwork, on Audie Murphy, Burt Lancaster, The Duke, and Hank Williams, Sr., the four black wannabe Lab puppies that we rescued a few weeks back, and Little Skeeter, the recently rescued Shih Tzu, because hopefully tomorrow—all five of them will find their forever homes!

Our good friends, and rescue ranch volunteers, Jan and Todd have volunteered, once again, to sit out front of Kerrville's favorite friendly pet store—Pet Supplies Plus tomorrow, to help find them super homes! I've got my fingers crossed!

Bob called me earlier this evening. He told me that Heidi and Blue have become best friends, and they were sleeping beside his feet, as we talked! I loved it!

I want to do a shout out to thank these great people for helping us help them! Thank you, Bob, Jim, The NoMads, Todd and Jan, and Pet Supplies Plus! We couldn't do it without y'all! We love you!

Y'all have a great evening!

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DY_Goddess said...

I'm so happy reading about Heidi and Blue and Bob. Had a less than stellar day to say the least so, thanks for blogging this Nancy, it's so heartwarming and truly precious.