Monday, July 27, 2009

The Frenchman!

Sunday morning, after I had exercised and cleaned up, I went to check my phone messages, but instead of pressing the play button on Carlton, I accidentally pressed some other buttton, and suddenly a male voice is speaking French and then it stops! This has never happened before. I went back to my office to get the answering machine instruction manual and my magnifying glass, so I could read it. Then the phone rings! Before I could pick up the phone to answer it, the Frenchman starts talking!

I interrupted him. "Hello! This is Nancy, can I help you?" It was Erin. She told me that she and her husband and childredn, had left Austin, and they should be arriving at the rescue ranch around eleven o'clock, to adopt L.T.!

As soon as our conversation ended, I quickly read the owner's manual to discover that our answering machine spoke three different languages—Spanish, French and English. In less than a minute, Carlton was speaking English, again. Then the phone rang, again—it was Kinky. He told me that Eric and his children wanted to adopt Martha Stewart, and he would bring them over around eleven o'clock.

At eleven o'clock, Kinky arrived with Eric and his three girls. Kinky went with us, as Tony and I gave them a tour, to meet our dogs. Five minutes into the tour, Erin and her family showed up, so Tony and Kinky went to greet them and give them a tour. By the time everyone had taken a tour, Erin's family wanted to adopt L.T., and Eric's family wanted to adopt Martha Stewart and Ms. Pepper! In less than twenty minutes, the adoption papers had been signed and everyone was thrilled—especially the three dogs who had found their forever homes!

When Tony put a leash on L.T., she could not wait to get into Erin's van with the two little girls and their baby brother! After they drove off, Tony leashed up Martha and Pepper, and they pulled Tony to Eric's SUV! They could not wait to get out of here!

After Tone had loaded up the two dogs into their vehicle, Eric thanked us, and then they took off for their fifty acre ranch near Poteet—the Strawberry Capitol of Texas!

Kinky, Tony and I were on cloud nine about the three great adoptions! After Kinky left the rescue ranch, Tony and I took off for Kerrville to get groceries. We talked non-stop about how happy we were for the dogs, until we passed the restaurant that posts those funny signs, then we laughed out loud. Their new sign said:

Rolling Stones

Kidney Stones

Y'all have a great day!

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