Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Rained!

This morning after walking six more miles, I went outside to say hello to Aaron and Ben, and to tell them that Tony was still sick. After a short visit with them, I returned to the trailer, and returned several phone calls. Then Rowdy got adopted to the nicest young couple! And the good news is that her roommate, Little Skeeter, is getting adopted on Saturday!

Since I was caught up with my paperwork, I decided to work on my book. Around one-thirty, I realized that it was really dark inside the trailer. I looked outside and it was even darker—we were fixin' to get some rain, at last! Ten minutes later, the bottom fell out! The wind started blowing at twenty miles an hour, then came the pounding rain, thunder and the lightning show! I quickly unplugged everything inside the trailer, and then I watched our rain gauge climb steadily upwards! Within thirty minutes, we had received a half inch of rain! I loved it!

Around two o'clock, Ben showed up, soaking wet, at our front door, and the heavy rain still hadn't let up! Since Tone was sick, Ben and I went into Outer Space with my dogs and we had a nice visit. Kinky called around three o'clock, to tell me that he had over one inch of rain in his rain gauge, just like us!

By five o'clock the thunderstorm had passed through. Ben left the rescue ranch, and I came back inside to continue working on my book. Then the weirdest thing happened! The phone rang and it was my good friends, Herb and Karen Cares! Why it was weird, was because Herb and Karen were in the story, that I was currently working on, for my book!

Y'all have a great evening!


DY_Goddess said...

Sorry to hear Tony is under the weather, hope he's feeling better tomorrow.

cousin nancy said...

Good morning, Fay! Tony is finally getting on the well side! He said to tell you thanks!