Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It Was Dead!

Sorry, I didn't get to blog last night. Around two-thirty, it started raining, then pouring! Twenty-five minutes later, the outside temperature had dropped from one hundred and one degrees, to seventy-degrees, and we had two inches in our rain gauge! Then high winds came with the two-hour thunderstorm!

By five o'clock, the storms had subsided, so I plugged everything back into the wall sockets. I was so excited that we had gotten the much needed rain, I decided to call Kinky! I picked up the receiver, and it was dead! I checked the fax line, and it was dead, too.

Five minutes later, Tony and I were over at the Lodge, talking to Kinky in his kitchen. When we told him about our phones being down, he checked his phone line—he had phone, so Tone and I came back home.

Unable to get online, I did a little more paperwork, and then I went back over to the Lodge, to use Kinky's phone, to report to the phone company, that our lines were down. When I arrived, Kinky came out the door, to tell me that his phone lines were down, too. So we decided to shoot a game of pool.

Hummingbird Man - 1, Cousin Nancy -0.

After being defeated, I came back home and watched a movie and then went to bed.

P.S. I walked five miles, yesterday.

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