Monday, July 6, 2009

My Time!

Yesterday, I walked eight fast miles. This morning, I walked only six fast miles. I spent my morning doing some paperwork and returning several phone calls—then it was officially 'My Time!'

Last week, I told Kinky, after telling him that I was jealous of him for nearly having his book ready for self-publishing, and I wasn't even close to that point, "Next week, I've decided to shut down the rescue ranch for a week, so Tony and I can take a break, and I can get some work done on my book." Kinky was fine with my 'Declaration of Vacation,' and he seemed sorta happy about making me jealous, too. I was fine with that.

I know that we can't totally shut the rescue ranch down for a week, that would be impossible to do, but we can be closed to the public and visitors for seven days. And, of course our volunteers are welcome to come out and walk our dogs and we will be open on Saturday.

'My Time' started around ten o'clock this morning! I spent two hours on my book, and accomplished a lot! For lunch, I tried a new Hot & Sour soup recipe and it was delicious—Tone loved it! While I was cleaning up the kitchen, Tony told me that we needed to go to Kerrville to get dog food, because we were now totally out of it. Time Out for My Time.

Buttermilk, T. and I left the rescue ranch ten minutes later—headed for Kerrville. Once again, we passed that restaurant with the funny sign messages, and we laughed out loud as we read their latest one!



Kinky called me around four-thirty. He invited me over to the Lodge for a visit. We sat outside by the Friedman Family Bone Orchard, and we talked about missing Perky, and what a wonderful little dog that she had been. "I guess now, it is the Four Friedman Bachelors," I said, trying to stay happy.

"My Three Sons!" Kinky quickly quipped. We both laughed.

Y'all have a great evening!

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