Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sure—Let's Do It!

This morning after walking five miles, then taking a shower—I started taking care of the first of the month paperwork. I was just getting started paying the monthly bills, when I realized we were out of stamps and I needed stamps. I called Jon at Wolfmuellers Books. "Hi Jon! It's me, Nancy..."

"I know. What's going on at the rescue ranch?"

"Too much. Tony and I have to come to Kerrville to get stamps, so I was wondering if you and Sandy would like to go to lunch with us—Dutch, of course. We can't afford to treat y'all." Jon started laughing, and so did I.

"Let me ask Sandy—hold on." I heard him ask Sandy. "Sure, let's do it. Sandy just said that she is starving. So hurry!"

"All I've got to do is put on my wooden shoes—and we're outta here," I said.

Thirty-one minutes later, Tone and I were at Wolfmueller's Books. Two minutes later, we were inside Francisco's restaurant, trying to decide if we wanted to eat inside or outside. Sandy, Jon and I couldn't decide, so Tony says, "Outside."

As the nice waiter led us outside, Sandy says, "Thank you, Tony for making the decision for us."

When the waiter showed up to take our order, I said, "Could we have separate checks, please? We're going Dutch. Tony is with me." The waiter smiled at Tony. He had no problem with it, then he took our orders. T. and I went first. We took Sandy's advice, and ordered the daily special, and so did Sandy and Jon! And, then we all ordered iced teas, too! After the waiter left, I said, "Well, it looks like we won't have to worry about him mixing up our checks."

Lunch with Jon and Sandy was a lot of fun, and our verde covered chicken enchiladas were the best that I have ever eaten! And, the black beans, rice and guacamole were so delicious—I literally cleaned my plate! When I was done, Jon looked at my clean plate and says, "Looks like you are going to have to walk five miles today, Nancy."

"I already have—thank goodness." Then Paco, Sandy and Jon's friend, and the owner of the restaurant, walks up to our table and asks them about a mutual friend. Telling them that he had just heard that their friend had died, and he wanted to know if they knew about it, and could confirm it. Sandy pulls her iPhone out of her purse, and she and Jon start taking turns, calling their friends to find out. Either no one was home, or no one had heard about it.

Jon then hands Sandy his wallet, excuses himself from the table, so he can go back to their store, to get the phone number of someone who would know for sure. Then the waiter appears at our table and says, "Your checks are for the exact same amount."

After paying our bills, Sandy, Tone and I start walking back to the bookstore. Jon meets us half-way. "He's not dead, Sandy! He had a heart attack last night, and he is in a hospital in San Antone. I'm going to go tell Paco the news."

"Thank you for the lunch, Jon. Tony and I really enjoyed it. We'll treat next time." Jon didn't realize that I was kidding. He sort of gave me a strange look, and nodded his head—then he walked away.

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. Tony and I are fixin' to watch the movie, ' Gran Torino,' that Sandy highly recommended. Then we're going to bed early, because I'm doing the 'Harley Show,' in the morning!

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