Sunday, July 12, 2009

All You Need Is Love!

Friday evening, near dark-thirty, Tony was loading Trigger's bed with our portable puppy pen, a large crate, towels, a blanket, a water bowl, a case of bottled water, our card table, and two metal folding chairs, while I stuffed ranch brochures, puppy adoption forms, a clipboard with pens, paper towels, a dog leash, business cards, and three big rocks into Trigger's cab. When the Eternal Squirrel, on Yoda's grave lit up—we were set and ready to go! Ready to go to bed, that is, because morning was coming early for us.

Saturday morning, by the dawn's early light, T. and I were in Outer Space—drinking organic coffee, while anxiously waiting for Churchill to crow his first, funny 'crock-ar-droodle-droo' for the day, but that never happened. We figured that he must have stayed up too late.

Around eight-thirty, Tony went to do his morning chores, and I went over to Kinky's for a short visit, because Tone and I needed to leave the rescue ranch no later than nine-thirty, so we could meet Jan and Todd, our friends/volunteers, at Pet Supplies Plus! They had volunteered to sit from ten until two, out front, at the popular pet store, to help us hopefully find forever homes for Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and Bandit!

Trigger pulled up, in front of Pet Supplies Plus at ten o'clock—we were on time! After Tony unloaded the truck bed,and I had unloaded the cab, I went inside and introduced myself to Susan, the store manager, to thank her for helping us. She was real nice, and she gave us some donated dog food! Here is a picture I took before we had everything set up. I've titled it, "Jurassic Bark!"

Todd and his better half, Jan, showed up a few minutes after ten! After handshakes and hugs, they unloaded their car—unfortunately, I don't know its name, but I will find out. To our surprise, Jan and Todd have made up some color brochures with all of our dog's pictures on it, so that people could look to see if we had a muttigree they might be interested in! It was impressive and I loved it! They also had made up a cute donations jar, and they wore their Utopia volunteer t-shirts! I loved it and I had my fingers crossed, that those three cute puppies would get adopted to super homes!

After we had discussed everything that needed to be discussed, and they were ready, set, go—I shot them! Then Trigger took us back to the rescue ranch.

When T. and I got home, Carlton had taken four messages for us. All four messages were from people, who had been to Pet Supplies Plus, who had met and talked with Jan and Todd! I rapidly returned the four calls! All four of them had questions about a dog that they might be interested in, and they all paid me compliments on how nice, friendly and professional— Jan and Todd had been! And yes—I loved it, and I love Jan and Todd!

At one-forty-five, the phone rang—it was Jan! "Nancy! I am so excited! Oprah and Bandit just got adopted to some really nice people!"

"That is fantastic news, Jan! Congratulations! Did they go to the same home?"

"No! Todd and I are so happy for them!" Jan exclaimed.

"Me, too!" I said. "Tone is on his way to the store now. Thank y'all so much! You just made my day!"

After we hung up, I punched in Kinky's phone number and told him the great news! He was thrilled!

At two-fifty-one, the phone rang—it was Jan! "Nancy, I am so excited! Ellen just got adopted to a great home! We are so excited! We can't believe it! Tony's here. Do you want to talk to him?"

"Yes, please." Tony sounded as excited about Ellen and the puppies getting adopted, as did Jan! The three adoptions had made my day or so I thought.

As soon as I got off of the phone—I called Kinky to tell him the great news about Ellen—he was thrilled, again, and he could not believe that all three of those precious puppies had found their forever homes! Before hanging up, he asked me to be sure and thank Jan and Todd for him!

Thirty minutes later or ten minutes before T. came home—the phone rang—it was Todd! "Nancy, I just wanted to give you a heads up. Some people are following Tony home—they're interested in Henry! And, I want to tell you that this very nice woman, Bairbre, that we met today, wants to help the rescue ranch. She is a quilt artist, and she wants to make a quilt to donate to the rescue ranch, to be auctioned off at the next event, because she loves what we are doing! In fact, tears came to her eyes, when we were telling her about Utopia! I put her card inside the brochure sack."

After thanking Todd, we talked about what a great day it had been, and I thanked them for helping us. After we got off of the phone, I decided to go ahead and get Henry's adoption papers ready—just in case, they wanted to adopt him!

Tony and the people showed up around four o'clock, and we gave the nice couple and their kids, a tour of the rescue ranch. At six o'clock Paul McCartney got adopted! They loved Henry, but Sir Paul stole their hearts!

At five minutes past six, I called Kinky one more time, to tell him about Paul! This time Kinky was shocked with my great news! He was so happy that we had four adoptions!

Yesterday was one great day for our rescue ranch, three precious pups and a lucky dog named Paul McCartney! I want to thank Jan and Todd for going that extra mile for our dogs! We love y'all!

Y'all have a great evening! And remember—All You Need Is Love! It really works!

P.S. The three big rocks were used as paperweights.


Simply Cindy Lou said...

WOW Nancy I am so happy for those beautiful fur babies. I think every living creature deserves a second chance and a sense of belonging. Thak you just dosen't cover all that you, Tony, Kinky and all the volunteers do for those animals that grace your lives. Just remember on those days that you feel overwhelmed you are loved by many.

DY_Goddess said...

What a great blog Nancy! I'm so happy for the families adopting your great pups!