Friday, October 31, 2014

Space Cowboys!

Today has been great and I have two short stories to tell. The first one, Crossing Paths, is totally true and very condensed and the second short story, Space Cowboys, is sort of true, because today is Halloween Day.

Crossing Paths

Wednesday afternoon Tony and I stopped by Gibson's, so we could buy Eileen, our dear friend, a small gift to celebrate her last chemo treatment, because today, at the Koyote Grill all of our super volunteers/friends were going to give her a surprise "No Mo' Chemo!" party.

When we were walking up to Gibson's Tony spotted our dear friend Donna Hatch as she and I walked right past each other, because I am blind and because I was focusing on not tripping and falling on something and because Donna was focusing on the cool Christmas items for sale, outside the store. "Hey, Donna," Tony said, as she and I both turned around and recognized each other.

After a fun, but short visit with our good friend, I told Donna about Big Mama, the sweet Great Pyrenees that we rescued last week. "Ryan and I," she said, "have some dear friends that want to get a really big dog and..."

Yesterday afternoon as planned, Michelle came out to meet Big Mama and it was love at first sight for both of them, so she asked us if she could take Big Mama home for a few days so her sweet husband could meet Big Mama and they see how she got along with their two cats. And of course, we said, "Yes! Please do!"

This morning Michelle called me. She told me that they love Big Mama so much and that she got along beautifully with their two cats. "She slept on the bed with us last night and she loves to sit on our furniture! She is the perfect dog for us and we want to adopt her! She's so sweet and...." So thanks to Eileen for causing us to make a stop at Gibson's and for Tony recognizing Donna—Big Mama now has a fabulous, forever home!

Space Cowboys!

This morning when I got up I felt like something wasn't right and I couldn't put my finger on it. Then when I was drinking a cup of Texas Pecan coffee I had two signs or omens revealed to me—that today might not be so great. 

The first sign was when I noticed that Bob was no longer standing up, in the big chair, which Tony had made for me, eighteen years ago.

So when Tony came into the big room to get more coffee, I asked him if he had moved Bob and his answer was, "No." Then he looked at Bob and stood him back up, in the chair. 

As Tone was pouring himself another cup of coffee, I said, "Tony, yesterday afternoon when Hazel and I were vacuuming, I found one of Rick's friendship bracelets that he gave to you, on the floor, under the bench by the window. Would you mind picking it up for me, because my back is aching?"

Tony, bent down to pick it up and says, "Nance, it's not a bracelet. It's a dead centipede. You really need to get new glasses." Then he picked it up, so I could take a picture of the scary-looking thing, before he tossed it into the trashcan.

A few hours later, Tony and I took off for Koyote Grill, to celebrate Eileen's "No Mo' Chemo!" party with our dear friends. And that's when things got really scary.

We were fifteen minutes early and the very first ones to arrive, at the popular grill. I had thought it was a good idea to get there early, so we could surprise Eileen when she walked inside, but it turned out to be a very bad idea. Because when we walked inside we were immediately captured by a Star Wars Storm Trooper! And then he had the nerve to ask Tony to take pictures to document what he had done.

Even though I am smiling, in the picture above and looking friendly—I was faking it big time. Then one by one, as our dear friends arrived for Eileen's party, they were captured, too. To say the least, "We were in big time trouble. 

While we were pleading for the Star Wars trooper to please let us go party, two Space Cowboys rode up on their Space Quarter Horses and the cowboy and cowgirl were immediately captured, too. It was so terrifying!

Then the space cowboy had a brilliant idea and saved the day for all of us!

The Space Cowboy invited the Star Wars Storm Trooper to Eileen's celebration party and then he went and showed him the beautiful "Lucky" cake that Lisa had ordered for Eileen's party, made by Creative Cakes By Sharon! 

And because it was a "Lucky" cake it touched the Star Wars Storm Trooper's heart, because he collects horseshoes and is fascinated with cowboys, he decided to set us free and then a good time was had by all!  

Please note that the Star Wars Storm Trooper ate two, heaping servings of the delicious cake and then he vanished off into thin air.  Here are two of our dear friends thanking and adios-ing the Space Cowboy for thinking fast and saving the day for us, as he and his Space Cowgirl rode off into the sunset. Talk about one lucky day for all of us!

Y'all have a Happy Halloween evening with a happy ending like we did today!

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