Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Perfect Size!

Today has been more than great! Early this morning after Tone softly said, "Nance, it's 6:00. We've got a garage sale to go to!" I rolled out of bed immediately, instead of asking him to please give me another thirty minutes of sleep like I usually do, because I wouldn't miss going to the city wide Medina Garage Sale for anything.

When Tony and I arrived in Medina, the cute town was already bustling with vendors/ local town folk or better said, "Medina-ites" and tourists. Our first stop was at the famous Old Timer, because I needed to cash a check for some cash, so I could pay with cash if I found something that I just had to have.

Then we went down the road a little ways and parked Trigger, near the famous Apple Store aka Cider Mill. Then our fun began. As we strolled up and down the main street (Highway 16) we ran into many old friends of ours and we got to catch up with each other's latest news.

Our friend Dick told us that someone had stolen his tailgate, in Ft. Worth and that he was fixin' to drive to San Antone to buy a tailgate from someone, that he had found on Craig's List. "And I'll bet you that it is your same old tailgate," I teased, as he climbed back inside his pickup. And we saw and got to visit with Linda, from Utopia, Ray & Jan, Julie, Chris, Jeremy, Charlie & Ellen, Frank and Don plus many more.

After we had walked up and down both sides of the highway, Tony and I had our hands full and a little cash left over and we were happy. So, to celebrate our many purchases, we decided to go eat the buffet breakfast, at the Medina Highpoint Resort.

Around noon our dogs inside, The Cabin, started barking, to let us know that someone was here. When Tony and I went outside, we saw our friends, Jane & Richard, getting out of their car. After howdies, hugs and handshakes, Richard said, "We want to adopt a dog. "My dog, Pancho, recently passed away and so did Jane's little dog. Both from old age. Now we're down to one old dog that is very sweet and...."

After they had told us what they were hoping to adopt, Tony and I showed Alice, the sweet, little Chihuahua, to Jane and Richard, that was in our front yard, barking at us, along with Little Debbie. Then we came into the yard so they could play with Alice and get to know her. Unfortunately, there was no magic, between them, so we took off to go show them the rest of our super dogs. But we didn't have to go very far, because Richard instantly fell in love with Chad Stuart! "I want him," Richard said, as Chad wagged his tail and kissed Jane's face. And in between Chad's wet kisses, Jane agreed with Richard that she thought Chad would be the perfect dog for them to adopt. And Chad, Tony and I were thrilled.

"Okay, I'll take Kermit up to the house and do his adoption papers and be right back," I said. Then I drove away.

A few minutes later I returned with the adoption papers. While Richard played with Chad, Jane filled out Chad's adoption form and made it official. Then Tony suggested, "Why don't you drive Jane to her car, so she can drive their car down here to pick up Chad? It will make it a lot easier and it will help keep all of the dogs calm. Richard and I will stay here with Chad." Then Tony put a leash on Chad, so he wouldn't escape as Jane left the alley they were in.

After she jumped inside Kermit we took off, but once again, we didn't go very far, because as I was turning Kermit around, I slowed down and said, "Jane, that's little Mindy. She's a real sweetheart and she's only been here for a couple of weeks. Do you want to check her out?"

The expression on Jane's face, as she stared at Mindy, answered my question, before she said, "Yes. She's the perfect size for me." So, I turned off Kermit and we went into the alley, almost directly across from the alley that Richard, Chad and Tony were standing in, so she could meet Mindy. Mindy ran straight into Jane's arms when I let Mindy come into the alley with us.

Then with all of us wearing smiles on our faces we watched Mindy and Jane fall in love with each other. "I want her!" Jane half-hollered to Richard. "I love this dog!"

"Great!" Richard hollered back.

"Great! Then why don't y'all bring Chad over here to see if he and Mindy like each other? Even though I'm sure they will," I half-hollered. Mindy was so happy she was jumping up and down, as the males walked towards us. To say the least, the dogs instantly fell in love with each other, too!

After all of us had quit laughing about them adopting two dogs instead of one, I went back, to The Cabin, to fill out Mindy's adoption papers and a few minutes later, after Jane and Richard had officially adopted Mindy too, I took this picture of Jane and Richard with their new best friends.

After we adios-ed each other, Tony and I went back to The Cabin, so I could call Kinky and tell him the great news about Mindy and Chad's adoptions. And yes, he was as thrilled about them getting adopted as we were, because Jane and Richard are his friends, too. 

Also, when I was talking to Kinky, still in Oklahoma, he asked me if I had seen the latest pictures, posted on his website, of him with his dear friends Kris Kristofferson, Bobbie Nelson and Willie Nelson, taken after they and Paula Nelson had performed together on stage, last Thursday night, at the Shawnee Oklahoma Grand Casino and the backstage picture taken of him with Ringo Starr, taken last week at Austin City Limits, in Austin. So after we adios-ed each other I checked out the super cool pictures and I love them. And that is about it for now.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

"Medina-ites"? I have always leaned towards "Medinarians". Kinda has a 'reverential' sound to it. ;)

Congratulations on the adoptions - what a happy family left in that vehicle!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I like your Medinarians and the sound. We are thrilled about their adoptions!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I like your Medinarians and the sound. We are thrilled about their adoptions!

mary sanders said...

Great news on the adoptions! I'm a big yard sale fan myself. Hope you found lots of treasures!