Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Thrilling Day!

Yesterday was a great day for two reasons, because the wonderful kids from the great East Kerr 4-H Club came out to volunteer their services! When Haley and her mom Gayla arrived to help, Gayla asked me if Rylie, the sweet, eight-year-old Dachshund, that we had rescued a week ago Saturday, had been adopted yet.

When I told her, "No, not yet." She asked to see her. While all of us were, in the alley, playing with Ringo Starr and Rylie, Gayla told us about her family loving Dachshunds and them losing their two precious ones from old age, this past year. Which was sad news to hear. But the good news is they adopted Rylie, before leaving our rescue ranch! Tony and I were thrilled about Rylie getting adopted, but not as much as she was, because her tail was wagging so fast, you could barely see it.

After everyone had gone home, I called the previous owners and told them the good news about Rylie getting adopted and going to a great home and they were thrilled about it, too. Then I called Kinky, in Denver, to wish him a happy birthday and to tell him the great news about Rylie getting adopted. He was more than thrilled about Rylie's adoption, but not that thrilled about being another year older. So I guess you could say, "Saturday was a thrilling day."

Today has been great, too. This morning around 10:00, some of Tony's old high school friends came out to visit us and it was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed listening to them reminisce about their good old days and there being only twenty people in their Medina High School graduation class.

This afternoon after lunch, I did a little paperwork and then I spent over an hour playing my guitar and I really enjoyed it, because I used my amp and cranked up my Bose. And now I am fixin' to go over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and to let him listen to the beautiful and touching song, Chum's Blues, that Chet O'Keefe wrote for Kinky's birthday.

Last Friday, Chet e-mailed me his song, Chum's Blues, so I could put it on my iPod and then play it for Kinky, on my Bose Deck. And I'll guarantee you that Kinky is going to love it, too, because it is a great song and Chumley Friedman was one of Kinky's favorite dogs.

Y'all have a great evening!

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