Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eh! Blake Shelton Has "Left The Building!"

Today has been really great and it started early this morning. While Tony was at the Old Timer, drinking coffee with his friends I went outside around 7:00 to do my part of our chores. The main reason for me doing this was to feed Miranda and Blake Shelton first, so Blake would have time to digest his breakfast, before Julie arrived, at 10:00, to pick him up, drive and deliver him safely to Fay and Ian, Friday morning, in Eerie, PA.

After I had just finished feeding "my dogs" and was about to start cleaning their pens, Tony arrived and he went to work immediately feeding "his dogs." By 9:00 all of our chores were done and I was back inside The Cabin filling up two Baggies with Blake's daily dry dog food portions, for Julie to feed to him Thursday and Friday morning. And the name of Julie's business is Breeders Select Pet Transport, in Center Point, Texas.

Julie arrived at 9:45 and after she and Blake drove away I came inside and sent this e-mail to Fay:

"Hi Fay,
Julie showed up 15 minutes early. She was a little concerned about Blake being a problem for her to load him up. When we told her that he had made 6 trips in a crate and that he had jumped up on the bumper the last time we picked him up to bring him home, she was a little relieved. Then when Tony took him to the back of her van, without any of us saying a word—Blake jumped right into the crate, with his tail wagging wildly! Julie and us were surprised and totally thrilled that he knew what to do and he did it on his own and he seemed real happy. When Julie latched his crate door closed, he lay down and was still wagging his tail. Then she gave him a hog ear treat and he was the happiest camper that we ever saw. After we had said goodbye to Blake, hugged Julie and thanked her—Blake "has left the building, at 10:00! Nancy

P.S. Here is another copy of his rabies certificate that I took with my camera because the printer went "nuts"...." 

Then a few minutes later, I received this e-mail from Fay:

"Awww! I'm so teary just reading this! I just knew he was an adventurer! He's a smart, handsome boy and will have lots of fun and a long life with us. We love him already!
Will send updates from the road!

A few minutes later, Tony took off to go make a deposit for me, in Bandera, so I could stay home and finish doing the rest of "the first of the month" paperwork. After I was done with the paperwork I downloaded these three pictures that I took of Blake, before he jumped inside Julie's crate for his trip.
In this picture, Blake is on the left and Miranda is on the right.

This one is before Tony took Blake out of his pen for the very last time.

This is a picture of Julie's transport van and that's her standing behind the door, getting Blake's crate ready for him.

After looking at these pictures and still being on Cloud Nine about Blake's awesome adoption and him happily jumping into his crate I decided to write Fay another e-mail. Here's a portion of it:

"When you pick up Blake, on Friday, to take him to his forever home, please tell him that we love him and that we will miss him. Please occasionally say the word "Y'all" to him, so he doesn't forget that he came from Texas and remembers the Alamo. And be patient with Blake, because he is not used to hearing Canadians say the word "Eh." Thank you once again, for adopting Blake and please know how happy we are that Blake is now y'all's dog."

Then I cooked a yellow squash & zucchini casserole for Tony's and my lunch, because Tony loves it so much. And it came out of the oven when Tony walked inside The Cabin.

After lunch we went to Kerrville to run several errands. Our last stop was at the big H-E-B, on Main Street, to buy groceries. When I had filled up the basket with half of my grocery list, I heard a familiar voice half-holler, "Omg! That's Cousin Nancy! Cousin Nancy is in the store! Hi, Cousin Nancy!" Then we looked over and saw my dear friend Carol standing on the opposite side of the frozen meat freezer, laughing. So I blushed and then Tony and I started laughing too, as several people stared at us. Then we had a short visit with Carol, by the Italian Meatball section, before pushing our carts in opposite directions. Carol, had once again gotten me.

Julie and Fay decided that they are going to text each other back and forth during Blake's trip and then Fay is going to e-mail us to keep us updated on Blake's journey to Eerie and then his final destination Toronto, Canada. Here's the first update Fay has sent to me. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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