Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eh! Here's Some Erie News!

Eh! Here's some Erie news! This afternoon at 2:15, I received this e-mail from Fay and it made my day greater than great! Fay wrote:

Hi Nance,
Got a text a little while ago from Julie that everything couldn't be going better! Since Blake Shelton is used to being "on the road", they have made excellent time and will probably arrive in Erie, PA the same time we do. TONIGHT! I found dog friendly accommodations, so Blake is going to have his first night in a hotel room tonight! Will give him a chance to rest and stretch his legs before we head back to Canada tomorrow. 

There's also a chance we will be doing our part to reinforce the wonderful cross border relations between the US and Canada: Julie may have a pup that we will be bringing to her from Toronto on our way to pick up Blake! Stay tuned....


To say the least, Tony and I are more than thrilled with the great news about Blake Shelton meeting up with Fay & Ian tonight, instead of tomorrow morning! I'll write more when I get another update from Fay, because right now I need to go grab a Kleenex to wipe away my tears of joy, before I go outside and tell Miranda Lambert the fabulous news about her brother Blake.

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