Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chet O'Keefe Playing @ The Hunt Store! Friday Night, 5:00 - 8:00! And We're Going!

Today has been great. This morning while I was doing the rescue ranch segment on Big G's radio show, I told him (On Air) that Chet O'Keefe was back at the ranch and then Big G says, "Great! Did you know that he's playing at The Hunt Store, this Friday night, from 5:00 - 8:00? And it's free!"

"I've known about it for a while, but since it wasn't set in stone yet, I haven't said anything about it to anyone. Tony and I are definitely going to be there and a lot of our friends will be there too. I'm sure there will be a big crowd, so we're going to get there early...."

Around 9:00, when Chet came over to eat breakfast (Breakfast Tacos & Healthy Smoothie) with us I told him about Big G announcing his Hunt Store gig and Chet says, "Great. Last night I found out that the date was confirmed and I am really looking forward to playing at The Hunt Store..."

After breakfast, Chet went outside to work and Tony and I went to Medina, to meet Judy, who is recently widowed and having to relocate to Houston, to live with her daughter's family. We didn't go to tell Judy good-bye, we went to her home to meet her and her sweet, four-year-old, gorgeous Great Pyrenees, that she can't take with her.

When Judy answered the door, Tony and I immediately liked her and when she took us outside to her backyard to meet her giant dog, tears of sadness fell from her eyes. As she wept she told us that she loved her dog with all of her heart and that after having to lose her husband and now having to give up her dog was the hardest thing that she has ever had to deal with. I could tell that her heart was more than broken and it made me tear up, too.

When she introduced her best friend to us, the friendly, gentle giant jumped up on me and she was so big she nearly knocked me over. "Oh my goodness," I said. "She's a beautiful Pyr and much bigger than my Mama." Then I told her about losing Mama, my beloved Great Pyrenees, as I petted her white dog with a beautiful dark mask. Then we discussed when Tony would come pick up her dog, before she leaves Thursday morning, for Houston. So, if anyone wants a giant, friendly best friend please call me at the rescue ranch. I'll post her picture when she arrives, so you can see just how beautiful she is.

About Last Night's Post...

When I was writing last nights post, I forgot to tell you what Tony said after we had eaten breakfast with Chet. "Nance, I hate to say this, but your smoothies this morning weren't as good as they usually are." 

And it didn't hurt my feelings at all. "I know," I said. "When I started to put the Central Market's Power Greens in the blender, the Use By Date was last week, so I used spinach. And I put the no longer powerful greens, in a bowl, for you to feed to The Golden Girls this morning, so they will lay more eggs for us." So this proves that I do look at Use By Dates sometimes. 

This morning I got the funniest e-mail from my dear friend Eileen. She said the word she uses for a late lunch or early dinner is—Lupper. I like that as much as Tony's Sinner.

And I have good news to report about solving the three mysteries. Late this afternoon, Mary Sanders made two comments on last night's post and here is what Mary wrote and my reply: 

Anonymous mary sanders said...
Jon Wolfmueller was so nice! I was thinking that he might think I was some kind of alien stalker!
I will retire next year, and think that making a road trip to Utopia to walk dogs is a perfect thing to do.
My recipe is so easy for the preserves:
8 cups of berries
two tablespoons of lemon juice
4 cups of sugar
put it all together in a large pot and cook till "soft ball stage". I don't do that. I just hold the spoon up till I see it's thick and the mixture has a silky look to it.
Ladle into sterile jars and seal.

Some of my friends add the blackberry jam to bar-b-q sauce for a tasty glaze.

I will dig out my hot sauce recipe for later. It's made with a carribean pepper called a datil pepper. I have made it with Jalapeno peppers and that is also very good.

So sorry I didn't get to meet you this trip. I did get Cowgirl Sisterhood I, and will be ordering the next.(you need to restock at the bookshop) I read it on the plane and had to do the Pee-pee dance all the way to the ladies room from laughing so hard.

Hopefully, I will see you next year and walk the dogs. I did go eat at El Sol, and had puffy tacos. Must find a recipe for that. There was no name on the restaurant!

Till we meet....Mary Sanders
Anonymous Mary sanders said...
I think it's time you did a Cookbook so all your friends can see their (I mean your) wonderful recipes!
Especially the salsa spaghetti recipe!
Blogger cousin nancy said...
Hi Mary! Thank you for the recipes and a hilarious book review. That is great that you went to Wolfmueller's Books, got to meet Jon and ate the delicious food at El Sol de Mexico, while visiting Kerrville.

Several people have suggested that I write a cookbook, but I don't have the time, because I'm too busy stealing my dear friend's recipes and running the rescue ranch.

I look forward to meeting you, after you retire.

P.S. My dear friend Eileen lived in Georgia for 14 years and she asked where you lived in Georgia. So, please make another comment, that I will not publish for your privacy, so I can let Eileen know.

Okay, since Mary has sent me her recipes that I have now stolen and will call mine from here on out, that mystery is solved. And since Eileen solved the Lupper mystery, we only have to wait and see if the mysterious Post Card Person will contact me and reveal who they are.

I Got A Phone Call Tonight

I got a phone call tonight that Tony has stepped on a rainbow. Not my Tony, the Wolfmueller's cat,  Tony. In the fall of 1998, Sandy, Jon and their two boys came out to our rescue ranch, in Utopia and they adopted two young cats from us, because Kinky had sort of pressured them into it, because we were not set up for cats, because we had just started our rescue ranch. 

Sandy and Jon named the brother and sister cats after Tony and me and took them home. Cousin Nancy is dead. At an early age she committed suicide by running under a car, but Sandy and Jon told their young sons that she was in a car accident and she was not wearing her seat belt and they left it at that. Anyway, Sandy and Jon are sad about losing Tony, because they loved him so much and because he was a very cool cat. In fact, they said, "He was the coolest cat that we have ever had."

They told me that Tony had a good life, even though Cousin Nancy didn't. And we all knew that it was coming to an end, because in the past year Tony's health was rapidly declining. Tonight they buried Tony in a very special place, in their backyard. "So Rest in peace Tony and please tell Cousin Nancy that I said, to rest in peace, too!"And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Fay said...

Pure Gold: "At an early age she committed suicide by running under a car, but Sandy and Jon told their young sons that she was in a car accident and she was not wearing her seat belt and they left it at that."